Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Text Book time again

How I am saving on textbooks this semester:
I'm having a little trouble because one of my classes (statistics) has a book that is unique to NKU and you can't find it anywhere online, and one of my other classes is an informatics class with a custom package of stuff. I might be able to find the stats book by asking around and looking on forums like craigslist, but my chances are slim. It's $116 in the on-campus book store. I might be able to get a few dollars cheaper at the off-campus one... I know I can resell this one though b/c I have done it before (yeah it's my second time taking the class, don't judge) and I think I made like $70 back on it. BTW, I never sell them back to the bookstore, I always take it into my own hands. It's just like selling a car, you will make more if you do the legwork instead of trading it in.

The informatics one I am probably SOL and will have to pay $130!!!! for it. Hopefully I can re-sell it and make some money back when I'm done.

But I have had two scores:
My book for Ethics is about $32 new. I found a used one on Amazon Marketplace for $7.11 + $3.99 shipping = $11.10, saved about a 66%

My book for Psych of Personality is about $186 new ($142 on Amazon new), my school rents it for $86, but that is still ridic to me, so I checked out Chegg.com and they rent it for $56 + shipping. I searched and found a coupon code for 10% off! So I ended up paying about $60.77 which is another savings of about 66%. And Chegg has a 30 day guarantee, so if I decide to not take the class or find out we won't actually use the book, I can return the book within 30 days and get a full refund minus shipping costs.

My french class I already have the book for, and I had a major score on that one too, as I detailed a long time ago HERE.

On the plus side, last night I made 2 sales on half.com, selling some old text books from previous semesters. I made $132. So that at least covers my cost of the informatics book.

This is my last semester!!!!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

My last big Kroger trip

I had a request to post what a basic trip to the grocery store for the necessary things looks like for me. I plan and match my Qs with sales the best I can, but sometimes you just need bread and broccoli asap and there's not much you can do about prices, so I just try to balance it out with getting some things free/cheap and paying extra for some other things that I want natural/organic/etc.

This was my trip from July 18. There was a Mega Sale going on at the time. Mega Sale items denoted by * - prices listed before .50 discount.

2 Boca products @ 2.69* - used $1/2 MFQ = $2.19 ea.
2 Quaker Quakes @ 1.49* - used (1) $1/1 Cat = .49 and 1.49
Arizona Tea gallon @ 2.99 (sale) - for Jon ;D
2 Welch's 100% grape juice @ 2.99* - used (2) $1/1 MFQs = $1.99 ea.
2 Boulder Canyon chips @ $1.49* - used $1/2 Print Q = $1 ea.
2 large Kroger cottage cheese @ 1.99
Kroger half&half @ $1.09
Horizon organic milk gallon @ $3.09 (clearance 50% off b/c it was near expiration date, but was good for at least a week)
Degree deoderant @ $2* - used $1/1 MFQ = $1 (yeah I still can't find a natural deodorant that I like)
3 Rold Gold can tomatos @ .99* ea. - used $1/3 MFQ = .33 ea. (did you know there is more lycopene in canned toms?)
1 Sargento cheese @ 2.38* - used .55/1 MFQ = $1.38* (after dbl Q)
Horizon organic vanilla milk singles 3 pk. @ 2.49* - used $1/1 peelie found on Cascadian Farms cereal = $1.49
Kroger organic raisins (giant bag!) @ 3.99
Digiornio deep dish pizza @ 3.19 - used FREE Q from request mailer = FREE
4 Breyer's ice cream @ 2.47* - used (2) $1/2 MFQs = 1.97 ea.
16 oz. Kroger shredded cheddar @ 2.99 (sale from 4.99)
Asparagus @ 2.49/lb. = 1.87
fresh Portabello mushrooms @ 1.50 (clearance 50% off)
2 Tombstone pizza @ 2.99* - used (2) $2/1 print Qs from Facebook = .99 ea.
Lime juice @ .99
Bag organic gala apples @ 3.99
Organic bananas @ .59/lb. = 1.29
Roma tomatoes @ .98/lb. = .61
2 Organic Lundberg brown rice bag @ 2.49 B1G1
Barilla pasta plus (w/DHA, etc.) @ 1.59
Bag of chips @ $2 (I'm not sure what kind these were b/c the receipt says "fstg chips" and I can't recall what that could be
Kroger pie shell @ 1.89
Pack of 7th Generation diapers @ 9.99 - used FREE Q from mailer request = FREE
Chocolate Silk soymilk @ 2.99 - had a $2/1 Q I ordered from ebay, but I forgot to use it! = 2.99
32 oz. Horizon organic vanilla yogurt @ 3.59
Hanson's natural apple juice @ 2.99
1 lb. (ish) Laura's lean ground beef @ 4.58
Mott's apple sauce 6 pk. @ 1.85 (the harvest apple flavor with calcium does not have HFCS in it!)
2 Organic Lundberg Risotto @ 2.69 B1G1 = 2.69 for both
half gallon Odwalla super food juice @ 5.99 (sale from 7.99!)
Suave Shampoo @ 2.09 - used a FREE Q from a mailer request but the cashier didn't scan it. I have to go back for my refund still.

-$10 total for my 20 mega sale items

Coupon savings = $33.43
Kroger plus savings = $44.00

Total savings = $77.43 aka 49%!!!!!!!!

OOP = 78.34

I will also post another smaller trip that involved less planning and was more typical next, so you can get a real idea of what my Kroger shopping looks like.