Thursday, January 27, 2011

update on Zulily coupons

Apparently there are some even better coupon codes out there for Zulily (well i guess that depends on what your total is).

zusnap131 for 10% off a $30+ order
BCENTER10 for 10% off as well

Wish I'd known about this earlier. Bummer.

Zulily coupon code

Until 1/31 you can get $10 off a $50+ purchase on Zulily with the code ZFSTBDAY10.
If you are in the market for a car seat, they have the wonderful Combi Coccoro seats + interlocking stroller frame for $179.99. Shipping is $16.95, but you can use the $10 to bring that down to $6.95. This is an excellent price on this product. On Amazon it would run about $250!

Monday, January 24, 2011

$20 for $40 voucher at Abe's Market

Today you can pay $20 for a $40 voucher for Abe's Market from Mamapedia, which is a organic, green, eco-friendly general store online. I think it is a really nice site and this is a great opportunity to get a good deal on something that would otherwise be too expensive. Typically you can get free shipping at Abe's by just sending an email to tell a few people what you bought there.

Mamapedia is a wonderful site because you can pick a school and 5% of all your purchases are donated to that school! All of my donations go to my daughter's future preschool/elementary school.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Free photo book (+ shipping)

My Frugal Adventures has the scoop on how to get a photo book from Snapfish for $6.99. The book is technically free, but shipping is $7. For a book that is usually $24.99 + shipping, this is a great deal!

The code is: SOAPBOOK.

Offer available until January 22.

Maybe this will give my local friends something to do on this snow day ;)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Another Cheap Weekend

Saturday we went to a Friends of the Library book sale and it was amazing! We will definitely be going to these on a regular basis. We had been to them at the downtown library before, but it is so much better to go to the warehouse b/c the selection and organization is loads better. We only bought childrens' books (b/c of course no toddler is going to let us roam the aisles of grown up books...) We spent $15.50 on a butt-load of books. Penny is very into Little Critter books right now, so we got a ton of those for .50 each. Maybe next time we can go to the sale w/o kids in tow and we can actually buy books for ourselves to read...

Today we went to the Museum Center and that was free b/c we have a pass (okay, so I guess that technically makes it not free, but rather $87 a year, but it is well worth it for how often we go).

We have a flat tire on the Buick and I just so happen to have a coupon for a free flat tire fix at Bob Sumerel from a coupon book that my MIL gave us for xmas, so that is on our agenda tomorrow.

Oh, we also bought gas this weekend, which was $2.93 a gallon at Kroger, w/o using any fuel points, and I spent $3.50 on my two newspapers this morning ;D

Friday, January 14, 2011

dead (wo)man shopping

So today was a HUGE day of shopping for me because I have been sort of snowed-in for 3 days + I had lots of Qs about to expire.

Old Navy is having 40% extra off their clearance. I got a boatload of stuff there. Spent $82, saved $238. My little boy is now clothed until the age of 2 I think. hahaha

I went to TJ Maxx to try to find a good deal on a moses basket. They didn't have any, but they were having a huge store-wide clearance sale, so I found a few goodies. I got a Melissa and Doug puzzle for Penny for $4, a pair of Izod baby shoes for $3, and a Beatrix Potter sticker story book for $3 (saving this for Easter basket).

I hit up Toys R Us for the great deal on Babyganics wipes I read about on My Frugal Adventures today. I bought 6 of the 120 ct. packs @ clearance price of $2.98 ea. B1G1 = $8.94 (that's about .01 per wipe!). I bought 10 of the 30 ct. packs @ clearance price of .98 ea. B1G1 = $4.90 (that comes out to less than .02 per wipe). I also bought 2 packs of Take n' Toss straw cups (Penny's preferred drinking vessel these days) @ $3.49 ea B1G1 50% off + I used a rewards coupon from my email that was B1G1 50% off any meal accessories. So I ended up paying $1.61 per pack. In addition, I bought the Graco Room Full of Fun (stroller, bouncer, etc. for baby dolls) that was on sale for $19.99 (orig. $34.99) and used the $10 in rewards certificates that I had, making it $9.99. I plan on giving this to Penny after the baby is born so she can take care of her babies in some of the same ways I am. I think that will help her adjust.
I paid $30.08 for everything, and saved $41.46.

I went to Target to see if there was anything left in the 75% off toy clearance. There really wasn't. It had been totally ambushed. I did find an adorable tent for Penny that looks like a tree stump (not pictured b/c I left it in the car trunk) for $20, orig. $30. That's not the best deal ever, but I've had my eye on this for a while, so I jumped. Other than that I got a few grocery deals and a couple of clearance shirts for the boy (I know I'm nuts). The clothes cost $8.28 (sorry, dunno orig. prices right now). Here's my grocery deals:
*Juicy Juice 8 pk. of juice boxes @ $1.97 - this is the reg. price, but Targ is the cheapest place to get them, so I always do.
*2 Pace salsas @ $2.99 ea. - used .50/1 MFQ and .50/2 Targ Q = $2.49 ea. (not sure if this is that great of a price or not...)
*Newman's Own Organic sauce @ $1.89 (price cut) - I always buy Newman's at Targ b/c it is the lowest price all the time as well. I usually have a Q, but didn't this time. However I was pretty psyched that the Organic was on price cut to be the same price as non-O.
*3 Kraft shredded cheese @ 2.04 ea. - used .75/1 Targ Q and $1/2 Targ Q = $1.46 ea.
*2 Kashi bars @ $2.65 ea. - used $1/2 Targ Q = $2.15 ea.
*1 World's Best Cat Litter @ $7.49 - will submit rebate = FREE


If anyone is in the market for a suitcase, Target had clearance on a ton of luggage stuff that I saw tonight. Most specifically a a giant and adorable patterned (girly) suitcase that was originally $70, marked down to $34. It took a lot of willpower for me not to buy that, but I figure what is the point in getting my hopes up that we are going on a vacation anytime soon that would warrant that huge of a suitcase ;(

Monday, January 10, 2011

Cheapskate Weekend

This past weekend we were really good about not spending money with no abandon.

Saturday we hung around the house, then went for lunch at Steak n' Shake. Penny and I both had coupons for free meals for our Birthdays and Jon had a coupon for a meal for $4.49. We all drank water and bought 1 cookie to share at the end for 59 cents. Our bill was $5.74 + tip. So we 3 had a good time and some yummy (and fattening) food for $8.74. Not bad I say! Then we hung out at a friend's house, which is always free.

Sunday we went to a free string concert put on by the Linton Music Peanut Butter and Jam Sessions. These are concerts put on to introduce kids to instrumental music and such. We had a blast. There was also an elementary kid art show "opening" and a demonstration of different classes held at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center. Penny's favorite was the Circus Mojo classes. I would love to be able to put her in some of those one day. Penny also got to do a little art project with one of the art teachers. And there was free hot chocolate and cookies. We had to drag Penny out of the place b/c she was having so much fun.

I found out about the Linton Music thing in Cincinnati Family Magazine which I picked up at my OB's office. They always have a monthly calendar of family-friendly activities around the area, and they list which ones are free.

To top off our cheap weekend, we even got $10 of free gas by using a gift card that we ordered with our PNC points!

In addition, even though Monday is obvs not part of the weekend, I would like to add to this post that today Penny and I treated ourselves to a trip to Half Price Books (after Penny's dentist appt I thought she might like to do something fun). We had a 15% off coupon (and I think we got a few extra bucks off b/c I used to work with the guy who rang us out), so we spent $13 and got 2 hard back children's books, 2 paperback children's books, a Skippyjonjones book that has jigsaw puzzles in it, and a set of Thomas the Tank Engine cards that you can write on with a dry erase marker to help learn ABCs. Not too shabby!
Plus I went grocery shopping tonight and saved 51% (this does not count closeout savings though, so actually I saved more than that).

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Kroger 1/6

Pen and I had to make a quick trip to Kroger today b/c we needed a few things for dinner, etc. I let her use one of those little kid carts and people were just freaking out over how cute she looked pushing the thing. haha. I wish I'd had my camera on me. She was so helpful and sweet the whole time.
Anywho, here's what we got:

3 Hunt's Snack packs @ $1 ea. - used .60/3 MFQ (from All You) and it dbls to $1 = .67 ea.
4 Kashi Crisp cereal @ $1.99 ea. (after the $4 off if you buy 4) - used (1) $3/1 MFQ and (3) $1/1 MFQs from Vocal Point = .49 ea.
1 Chocolate Silk 1/2 gallon (not pictured) @ $2.99 - used $2/1 MFQ (from ebay) = .99
1 clove garlic @ .34
bananas @ .65
organic apples @ $2.99/bag - used $3 off produce wyb 3 Kashi products (peelie) = FREE
mushrooms @ $1.95
2 cans Kroger spinach @ .65 ea.
1 Horizons organic box of Tuberz yogurt @ $1.69 (clearance)
2 Softsoap @ .88 ea. - used (2) .35/1 MFQs = .18 ea.
Buitoni parmesan @ $3.69
Watermelon cup @ $2.63 (this was Penny's "impulse buy" haha)

OOP = $18.92

Saved $26.62 aka 58%!!

Birthday Freebies and Qs

My Birthday is at the end of this month (26 yrs old, whoopdeedoo), so I have been getting all kinds of goodies in my email and snail mail for free and cheap stuff. I just wanted to put the word out that if you want to have a Birthday month full of free stuff, then you should join some mailing lists!

Some of the stuff I have gotten so far, off the top of my head:

Free steakburger and fries from Steak n' Shake
15% off coupon for Children's Place (online or in-store)
$20 off and order of $50 from Delia's
10% off an order from Yes to Carrots
$10 off any order from Victoria's Secret (came in my snail mail)

I already used the $10 VS coupon at the Semi-Annual Sale. I scored 6 pairs of undies for $14!

Here is a nicely compiled list of Birthday freebies you can sign up for, courtesy of Frugal Living TV.

Diaper Bags deal

If you are in the market for a diaper bag, as I am, you will be interested in the ones that are on Gilt right now. This is another one of those flash deal sites and it's one that I have had great experience with. Shipping takes a little longer, but they give you a good estimate of when to expect your items. Right now they have a variety of diaper bags for really great prices. I personally like the Skip Hop Duo Deluxe bags, like the one pictured above. They are on sale for $27, usually $54! This is the best deal you will see on these. I have been tracking this bag on Amazon for a while now and it has never gone below $44. Another great thing about Gilt is that you can get free shipping for just sending email invites to 10 friends!

If you would rather have a more gender neutral or manly diaper bag, check out the Diaper Dude sale at Totsy. The one above is $27.18 (orig. price $98!). Shipping on Totsy is a little price at around $8, but that would still be a good deal for these bags. Also, they tend to take a long time to ship, so don't buy anything from them expecting it by a certain date, but other than the long shipping time I haven't had any issues with ordering from this site. I got some adorable Zutano clothes from them not too long ago. Check RetailMeNot for any current coupon codes.

Plum District: $25 for $50 in cute kids' clothes

Okay, by now you know I am a sucker for quality, cute kids' clothes. Today there is a good deal on Plum District for the website Poppy's Closet. Pay $25 for a $50 voucher (free shipping for an order over $100). The site has a variety of different brands, all adorable!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Wag's Trip 1/3

Well I have been off the Wag's wagon for quite a while now, but since my crazy semester is over and I have more time on my hands now, I decided to jump back in. So I took a trip today (with Penny in tow) and got a few things. I paid more OOP than I usually would since I didn't have any RRs to start out with. Here's what I got:

Transaction #1
2 Halls @ $1 ea. - used $1/2 MFQ = .50 ea.
1 Finish @ $3.49 - used $2.25 MFQ = $1.24 + got $1.50 RR = .26 moneymaker!
2 Blue Diamond almonds 1 lb. bags @ $4.99 ea. - used .75/2 MFQ = $4.62 ea. (these are $7.99 usually!)
4 Reese's cups @ .49 ea. - used in-ad Q to make them .49 and (2)B1G1 MFQs (these actually took off the pre-Q price of .89 I think) = Free-ish?
1 Children's Oscillinium flu med @ $8.99 - used $2/1 printable = $6.99 + got $9 RR = $2.01 moneymaker!
1 Huggies little snugglers @ $6.99 - used $2.50/1 printable = $4.49

OOP = $24.53
+ got $10.50 RRs
net = $14.03

Trans #2
1 Finish = .26 MM
1 Oscillinium = $2.01 MM

OOP = $9.04
+ got $10.50 RR
net = 1.46 profit!

NOTE: I couldn't use my RRs from trans #1 to pay for trans #2 b/c you can't use an RR to buy the same deal again and get the RR again. If that doesn't make sense, go to one of the blogs on my list and read there FAQ about how to deal with Wag's. Their program can be a bit complicated...

Trans #3
Hamster slippers @ $9.99 (this was a total impulse buy, but I just thought they were so cute and I have been wanting to get Penny some slippers, so I seized the day).

- used $9 RR
OOP = $1.64

So in total I spent $35.21 and have $12 RRs left to use on my next purchase. Plus I got 2 catalinas for free Breath Rite strips. Free is always nice.

According to my receipts $42.73 with sales and MFQs. In other words, I saved more than I spent, which is always a goal.