Sunday, January 16, 2011

Another Cheap Weekend

Saturday we went to a Friends of the Library book sale and it was amazing! We will definitely be going to these on a regular basis. We had been to them at the downtown library before, but it is so much better to go to the warehouse b/c the selection and organization is loads better. We only bought childrens' books (b/c of course no toddler is going to let us roam the aisles of grown up books...) We spent $15.50 on a butt-load of books. Penny is very into Little Critter books right now, so we got a ton of those for .50 each. Maybe next time we can go to the sale w/o kids in tow and we can actually buy books for ourselves to read...

Today we went to the Museum Center and that was free b/c we have a pass (okay, so I guess that technically makes it not free, but rather $87 a year, but it is well worth it for how often we go).

We have a flat tire on the Buick and I just so happen to have a coupon for a free flat tire fix at Bob Sumerel from a coupon book that my MIL gave us for xmas, so that is on our agenda tomorrow.

Oh, we also bought gas this weekend, which was $2.93 a gallon at Kroger, w/o using any fuel points, and I spent $3.50 on my two newspapers this morning ;D

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