Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Deal on Organic Kid's clothing

Sage Creek Organics baby and toddler clothing has a bunch of stuff on sale right now. It is organic, so of course, it's still not cheap, but with the sale, the prices become a bit more feasible. On top of the sale prices, you can use the code SAVE15 to save an extra 15%. The dress pictured above is $23.12 (originally $34) after sale and discount code. It looks like shipping is $5 flat rate.
Sizes are limited, but maybe you can find something for your child to grow into. They have some shortie PJ sets on sale 70% off through today, for $7.20 ($6.12 after discount code), but there are barely any sizes left. Still worth a look.

More Deals on Natural Toys

Passion for Savings has the scoop on how to get a great deal on Melissa and Doug toys, today only! Get 50 - 75% off!

Blog Recommendation

I was just perusing Deal Seeking Mom's blog, as I do daily, and found a couple of posts I thought worthy of sharing here. I would like to recommend this blog if you are looking for just a few that you look at everyday. DSM is a great resource to me and anyone else looking for some great deals!

Head here to find out how to get 200 flower bulbs for $11.o4!


Here to find out how to get a great coupon for .75/1 Mom's Best Naturals cereal or oatmeal. I just bought this cereal at Kroger for $1.99 and was super happy with that price. With this Q (after doubling), the cereal will be $1. I got the all natural version of Lucky Charms and it is fantastic and not full of high fructose corn syrup and other crappy stuff!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

VS and Baby Gap

I stopped in at Victoria's Secret to use my "free panty" coupon. They must hate me b/c I am one of the people who uses this coupon only to get the free undies and then leaves w/o buying anything else. It defeats the whole purpose of their campaign, I'm sure.
I also went into Gap, next door, which was a mistake on my part b/c I can never resist their clearance rack, but at least I'm not paying full price, right?
Shorts = $6.99
Dress = $11.99
Still kind of pricey, IMHO, but Gap's clothes really are good quality. So soft and comfortable, and you can really feel that difference.
Anyways, I am selling a bunch of Penny's old clothes to make up for the money I spend on her summer clothes. She is growing up so fast!

Wags 3/29

Penny has an ear infection, so we had to go to Wags to pick up her prescription. In hindsight, I wish I would have had the Rx sent to Kroger so we could get 50 fuel reward points (earlier this month we got a bunch for Rx for my wisdom teeth operation + infection and I got gas for $2.12 a gallon a few days ago b/c of that!) But anyways, while we were waiting on the Rx we wandered around in the Easter aisle and they had a ton of stuff clearanced out already!

Giant bottle of bubbles - $3
2 Kleenex - $2.29 for both - used B1G1 Wags in-ad Q - I got the lotion tissues for Penny's poor little nose.
Egg dying kit - .66 (saving this for next year)
Chocolate bunny - .99
Peeps - .52
3 Easter tumblers - .13 ea. w/in-ad Q *only 2 shown
Easter sticker book - .50

OOP = $8.75
I dunno how much I saved exactly, but it was a bunch.

BTW, I didn't have my MFQs with me, but I noticed a bunch of Easter candy on clearance that I know there are coupons for, like Sweettarts and Reese's, so if you have those coupons, go get some cheap candy.

Saturday was a good day for mail

In my mailbox on Saturday!
A coupon from Duke Energy for a free 6 pk. of CFLs at Wal-mart (sucks that I will have to step foot in Wal-mart to use this though!)
A coupon for a Free Yoplait Greek Yogurt from Pssst! Plus a bunch of .35/1 Qs that will double at Kroger and probably make for some very cheap yogurt.
Also, in the background you see an issue of Babytalk, for which I have a free subscription.

Target and Wags 3/27

Can opener - $6.99 (our old one was useless)
Cat litter 28 lbs. - $10 (on sale from $10.99)
Curious George 2 movie - $6.99 (on sale from $13.99) - I bought this for Penny b/c she was sick and having a movie marathon. It isn't shown b/c she was watching it when I took this picture.
Toddler sandals - $10 (on sale from $12) - also not pictured

Total OOP= $33.98 (saved $9.99)
Okay, not the best savings, but it is what it is.

5 lb. Blue Diamond Almonds - $4.99 w/in-ad coupon (down from $7.99)
Dentek floss - $2 - used $1/1 MFQ = $1 + got $2 RR = $1 moneymaker!
Simply Saline - $7 - used $1/1 MFQ = $6 + got $7 RR = $1 moneymaker!
Dove Haircare - $4 + got $4 RR = FREE
Wags brand multivitamins - $3 + got $3 RR + FREE
2 Snickers eggs - $1 ( I had a sweet tooth)
*also pictured are 2 Wags April coupon books

Total OOP = $19.99 (saline and vitamins on HSA account)
RR = $16
Net total = $3.99
This is a good price for the almonds essentially I got a great price on almonds and everything else for free.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

It happened again!

Today I went to see Rick Steves talk at the downtown library. Before I went, I stopped by Borders to pick up one of his books to get autographed (not knowing that they would be selling them at the library, oh well). I paid full price for the book, which I pretty much never do for books. Then I came home and myfrugaladventures had posted a 40% coupon for Borders that was good for today only! Burned again...

Stonyfield Farms Program

Stoneyfield Farms has some seriously delicious products. I love this company also because they are one of the only organic companies that I see a lot of coupons for. They also have a program where you accumulate points for buying their products, which you can trade in for coupons for FREE products. You just have to go HERE and join the program, then enter codes from the products you buy. My favorite is their French Vanilla yogurt. I buy giant tubs of it and eat it with strawberries or granola. YUM!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Payless sale + coupon

Penny and I stopped by Payless today because she needed some sandals and I was hoping to find some cheapies. Her silver gladiators we got there last year were a big hit. Turns out they are having an Easter sale, so pretty much all sandals and other cute things are on sale. We found a pair we liked (although Penny I think would have rather had the Dora ones even though she has never watched the show! but they had lights on them, so...) for $9.99 down from $14.99. On top of that I used my AAA discount of 10% (if you belong to AAA, I urge you to pay attention to all the neat little discounts you can get all over the place), so in the end I paid $9.43. I was pretty pleased with this deal.


We went to Kroger for groceries, and lo and behold, we ring out, and out prints a Catalina coupon for 20% off at Payless. How annoying is that!! I could have saved another dollar!! (How do you know you are a crazy coupon queen? when the fact that you got "cheated" out of $1 plagues you for the rest of the night).

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Free Natural Toys

Franklin Goose, a purveyor of natural and organic baby products, is having a promotion right now where you get a $5 credit for every review you do on items you have used. They are having a bit of a lag in awarding the credits, but they assure that all of the credits will be given in time (people have said they are already having credits show up, so it is definitely working). So you will have to be patient, but this is a totally amazing offer which will get you free merchandise which is typically very pricey! I don't know how they are going to afford to give away all that merchandise, but they announced the promotion on their Facebook page, so they have to have known they would get a huge response...right?
At any rate, this is an amazing deal, so get on it!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Organic Product Qs and Kid's DHA Supplements

Now through April 30, if you buy any Annie's Homegrown or Natural product, you can get a free download of an "Inspired Picnic Guide" HERE. Why should you care? Well, because there are coupons in there for brands like Annie's, Stonyfield Farms, etc. Organic product coupons are hard to come by, so I try to nab them whenever I can! And my guess is that these Qs will have a pretty long expiration date.

Also, Dr. Sears GO FISH Brainy Kidz Children's Omega 3 soft chews (60 ct.) are 70% off right now due to an inventory miscount. So go HERE and use coupon code CH70 to get them for $6.98 (down from $22.95) and get an amazing deal on a great product.

Monday, March 15, 2010

30% off at Old Navy, Gap, Banana Repub

Use this coupon to get 30% off at ON, Gap, and BR on March 18 - 21.
This coupon can also be used at the Gap Outlet!!! That would make for some seriously cheap clothing!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Sweet Deal at VS

Check out this deal that Super Coupon Girl found for Victoria Secret. Get really cheap undies with free shipping and then get a gift card back for at least $10, but up to $500.

I bought a pair of underwear for $3.99 on clearance + free shipping, and will get at least $10 GC back. That's a good deal!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

3/11 Target Trip $16.82 OOP

Toddler bathing suit $8 (on sale from 9.99)
7th Generation all purpose cleaner $2.99 - used $1/1 Target Q and $1/1 MFQ = .99
Up and Up Dishwasher gel $2.49 (on sale)
2 Annie's natural mac n cheese $1.64 ea. - used $1/2 MFQ = $1.14 ea.
Ronzoni Healthy Harvest pasta $1.19 ea. - used $1/1 MFQ from Parents Mag = .19
Newman's Own marinara $1.89 (not sure if it was on sale, but that is a great price even w/o Qs. It is priced around $2.54 at Kroger, and it's the only jar sauce I like)
Market Pantry black beans can .64
Market Pantry kidney beans .64
Chocolate silk $2.69 - used $2/1 MFQ bought on ebay = .69
Cosmetic bag $6.48 (clearance from $12.98)
Easter grass .29
Bandaids $1.82 - used $1/1 Target Q and $1/1 MFQ = FREE
Crayola sidewalk chalk bunnies $1.99 - used $1/1 MFQ (not sure where I got this Q) = .99

subtotal = $26.82
used $10 GC I got for transferring a prescription
OOP = $16.82

If you want to be picky, you could also add the $2.54 I spent on my HSA card for the RX.

So I didn't get the best deals EVER, but still pretty decent. I managed to get a bathing suit I have been eyeing for Penny on sale, and got an organic cotton cosmetic bag as a treat for myself that will be very useful on some upcoming vacations.