Tuesday, March 30, 2010

VS and Baby Gap

I stopped in at Victoria's Secret to use my "free panty" coupon. They must hate me b/c I am one of the people who uses this coupon only to get the free undies and then leaves w/o buying anything else. It defeats the whole purpose of their campaign, I'm sure.
I also went into Gap, next door, which was a mistake on my part b/c I can never resist their clearance rack, but at least I'm not paying full price, right?
Shorts = $6.99
Dress = $11.99
Still kind of pricey, IMHO, but Gap's clothes really are good quality. So soft and comfortable, and you can really feel that difference.
Anyways, I am selling a bunch of Penny's old clothes to make up for the money I spend on her summer clothes. She is growing up so fast!

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