Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Have you been to yet?

I wanted to highlight this awesome site that I love to frequent. I mostly go there for the baby stuff and toys, but they have tons of other stuff as well, from household items to electronics. At NoBetterDeal they have items that are open-box, returns, damaged box, and some new items, for extremely discounted prices. I have bought several things from there including a jumperoo, stroller, baby monitor, and toys, and they have all been in perfect shape. Even if you do purchase something and it is not to your liking, they have a 30 day return policy, so you really don't have much to use. I also love the fact that they accept paypal. That's always a plus for me when I am shopping online.

The inventory changes daily (sometimes hourly), and a lot of things can get snatched up super fast, so you have to check back often if there is something specific you are looking for (it took me a while to snag a Fisher Price Rock n' Play on there b/c they get sold so fast). There are some things that tend to come back around pretty often, and other things that just randomly show up and never come back again.

Currently they have a bunch of Baby K'tan baby carriers. I have never seen these on the site before, so that is pretty neat. They retail for around $35, but on NBD they are selling for $23. Shipping cost varies per item, so you have to check to make sure it doesn't kill the deal. Often it is only $3.95, but it can be more. Looks like it is more on the Baby K'tans, which kind of ruins it for me. There are tons of other great deals though. In fact, I see a Rock n' Play on there right now for $26.99 + $3.95 shipping, and it says it is a new item! These go for around $50 in stores and on Amazon...

So go check it out and see if you can snag an awesome deal on something you need.

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