Tuesday, March 8, 2011

fancy shmancy diaper bag, anyone? SOLD OUT

I, like many, have lusted over the Petunia Picklebottom line of diaper bags many a time. I have never considered actually buying one because, hello nearly $100 on a diaper bag, I think not. Also, I've never fancied myself as a person who cared about having a fancy diaper bag. I generally use a cheapo bookbag that I've had forever, and when Penny was wee, we had an $8 bag from Wal-mart (gasp!) that was okay. Honestly I kind of hated the thing b/c it was shoulder straps only and it was impossible to wear it comfortably while also wearing baby in a carrier, which is what I do most of the time. That's when the bookbag came into play. Baby on my front, bag on my back. Yes, I look like a pack mule. Anyways, back to my point...
For some reason I am more interested in pretty diaper bags this time around. Maybe I am just tired of frumpy things in general, and know it is going to be even harder to not turn into a walking scrunchy-head, flip-flop, sweat-pants mom lady when I have 2 littles to care for. So I feel like maybe if I have a diaper bag that doesn't scream DIAPER BAG, it will help my case. Whatever the reason, I got excited to see this deal. Thanks to Mara over on the Baby Cheapskate FB page, I was turned onto this outlet sale of Petunia Picklebottom bags. They are even organic. For $40!!!!
ND you can use the code "marchship" for free shipping.
Maybe people won't be staring at the spit-up on your shoulder if they are too busy admiring the gorgeous print on your bag. Maybe?

Go to Belly Dance Maternity and check out the goods!


  1. Such a great blog, Jasmine! Thanks for all the tips. I really like the Orla Kiely bags-- they are oil cloth so they wipe clean, but they aren't strictly diaper bags. JJ Cole are no good, IMHO. Too darn big!

  2. Thank you! I'm glad you like it ;D