Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Amazon Grocery Deals

Since being super-pregnant and not really wanting to spend as much time on my feet shopping, especially when lugging a nearly 30 lb. toddler along, I have been ordering as many things online as possible to avoid the hassle.
I have found some great deals on grocery items at Amazon, and I thought I would highlight a few:

DH is in love with Orange and Spice tea. Right now there is an extra 15% off Lipton Teas with code: LPTONTEA. Combine with subscribe and save, and get 30% off. I bought 6 boxes of DH's fave tea for a little over $9. These are about $2.59 each at Kroger, so I saved about $7! (Note: the orange and spice tea was not listed on the page of teas when I clicked the Lipton deal. I just decided to specifically search for it on a whim, and the code worked for it.)

Organic Valley Milk has a coupon code for an extra 10% off: VALLEYM4. If you use it with a s/s (subscribe and save) item, you will get 25% off. I bought the 12 pack of strawberry milk, paying about $9 for it (.75 ea.). In store, these would have been about $1 each. I bought the strawberry flavor so Penny can have pink milk like her favorite cartoon buds, Charlie and Lola...

Haribo Candies have a code for extra 10%, so 25% with s/s: HARIBOII You can get 5 lbs of gummi bears for about $11. Yum!

I already posted previously about the Revolution Foods deal to get up to 50% off. Penny is loving her Jammy Sammies that I bought.

Something to think about is this -- if I had $1 off Lipton Tea coupons (which I'm not sure come around too often), I would be paying $1.59 ea. at Kroger. If I bought 6 boxes at this price, it would end up being a little over $9. So, by shopping online for this item instead, I basically got my after-Q price w/o having to clip the coupons or use my gas and time to go pick up the tea. And now we are good to go for a while since we will be stocked up w/6 boxes of the stuff. This is the kind of thinking I have to do before purchasing things online. If I could get a better deal by using a coupon in the store, then it might be worth it to do that instead. You have to weigh the scenarios first before getting too excited about a deal in front of your computer screen ;D But it is also important to remember that sometimes the convenience factor of having something delivered to my door is worth an extra $1...

There are many more great grocery offers this month, from teas, to olive oil (highly recommend the Zoe products), to Kellog's cereal. I only wrote about a few that I personally found useful. There may be others for products that you love. Go check out this month's Amazon grocery deals HERE.

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