Friday, March 11, 2011

Cheap toddler snacks

Revolution Foods brand snacks on Amazon have an extra coupon code until the end of this month.

Jammy Sammys and Mash-ups are both subscribe and save items, so you can combine the 30% off on top of the 15% subscribe and save discount. Grammy Sammys are not s/s items, but you can still use the code on them.

Last I heard there was a glitch and the coupon code was not working on the mash-ups, but I read that some people are having luck getting in touch with customer service and having the 30% applied that way. So if that is what you really want, it might take a little extra work.

Just as an example of a deal you can get. Strawberry flavored Jammy Sammys should be about $8.19 for 5 boxes of 25, or $1.64 per box. These run about $3.50 per box at BRU, so this is an excellent deal!

The code is: PLUMOR33

Thanks to My Frugal Adventures for this deal!

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