Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cheap Sunscreen is Not Always a Good Idea

I have been seeing a lot of deals on sunscreen in the QQ blogosphere lately and I wanted to put a little food for thought out there on the subject. Sometimes you can get things for cheap or free, such as personal care products, and that seems like it is really awesome, however there are more costs to these things than just money.
It is important to pay attention to all of the chemicals your bring into your household and put into and onto your family's bodies. Many sunscreens carry risk along with the chemicals that are included in their make-up. Of course, it is up to you to decide what you think is risky and what is not, but I don't think anyone can argue that there is anything wrong with being informed before making these decisions. So I would like to direct my readers to a great resource on determining which sunscreens are the healthiest (and most effective). Hopefully it will help you make your decision on whether that Banana Boat you can get for $1.99 at CVS or wherever is really that great of a deal after all.

HERE is there Environmental Working Group's guide to sunscreen.

My family and I just got back from a week at Myrtle Beach and we used California Baby's sunscreen the whole time and it worked fantastically. I can highly recommend this line of products. None of us got a burn and Penny's skin is still fair and healthy, with just a slight tan, which I think was mostly acquired before the trip while playing in the garden.

Also, Badger brand is one of the top rated sunscreens by the EWG. I'd like to add that this brand can be purchased at the Cincinnati Family Enrichment Center, where proceeds will go to a fantastic non-profit in our neighborhood. Hey, if you are going to be spending $$ on something, it's always nice to know that you are helping to support a good cause.

Note: You will see that I sometimes buy very chemical-y things and you might think, "wow, what a hypocrite". I thought I'd add that a lot of those "toxic" things I buy, we do not actually use in our house. If I can get it for free or super cheap, I will go ahead and grab it and throw it in the donation bin. Does this mean that I think these chemicals are okay for other people, but just not my family. No. However, I think it is always a weighing of risks that needs to be taken into account. In my opinion, it is better to use chemical-y sunscreen than none at all. So if I can get Banana Boat, etc. for free or cheap and donate it, than I will. Maybe it will go to someone in need who can't afford to buy sunscreen at all, and it will help prevent them from getting skin cancer, which I consider to be more dangerous than the risks of being exposed to said chemicals...

Free Cat Litter!

World's Best Cat Litter is offering a rebate for a free bag of litter. To get a rebate just got HERE and fill out a short survey about your cat litter use.

Thanks, doingwithout!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Free Bowling!!

A friend made me hip to this deal and I think it is awesome! She said she did it and took her family the other day and everything worked perfectly.

Go HERE and you can sign up for a pass for your kids to bowl FREE all summer long. You can also pay $25 for a pass for up to 4 adults in your family to bowl up to 2 games each day for free, all summer long. So that's $25 for your whole family to bowl free all summer long! Niice.

Just go to the website and click your state on the map to see which bowling alleys near you are participating in the program. Then fill out a form and pay the fee

Thanks, Tawny!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Wag's 5/21

My trip to Wag's was a PITA as usual, but here it is:

2 boxes Honey bunches of oats @ $1.75 ea. - used $1/2 MFQ = $1.25 ea.
2 Cortaid @ $3.99 ea. -used (2) $1/1 MFQs = $2.99 ea.
1 J&J First-aid kit @ FREE for buying 2 J&J products (above)
2 Bayer chewable @ $1.99 ea. - used Wag Q making them 2 for $3 and (1) $1/1 MFQ = .99 ea.
1 Purex Complete travel @ .99
2 Gatorade @ 2 for $3
3 Reach toothbrushes @ $3.99 ea. - used Wag's in-ad Q making them 3 for $6.99 = $2.33 ea. - used (1) B1G1 MFQ and (2) $1/1 MFQs = .89 ea.
1 Fly swatter @ .99
1 Glade Sense and Spray @ $6.99 -used $4/1 MFQ = $1.99
2 Gillette body wash @ $4.49 ea. - used B1G1 MFQ (from P&G booklet) and $1/2 MFQ ( I think) = $3.49 for both + get $4.49 RR = $1 MM!
2 Old Spice body wash @ $4.49 ea. - used B1G1 MFQ + got $4.49 RR = FREE
2 Lysol toilet cleaner @ 2 for $2.99 - used $1/2 MFQ = .99 ea.
1 Wag's facial cleanser @ $3.40 clearance (Orig. price $6.99)
1 Riesen's @ $1

OOP = $35.81
+ got $8.98 RR
Net = $26.83

69% savings!!

Some of the odd items that weren't really on sale, like gatorade, were vacation supplies. We are driving to Myrtle Beach tonight (11 hour drive!)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Free Shipping from Delia's

Here's one for tweens, teens, and ass-less adults (such as myself)
Delia's has free shipping on ALL orders, no minimum purchase, until May 24. I wanted to highlight this deal because it is something I have pretty much never seen from them. You could always head over to Retailmenot and try out some of the coupon codes that are posted there. I am not sure if Delia's lets you stack codes or not though, and you have to use coupon code DAF for the free shipping. They usually have some good clearance too.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

CVS 5/19

2 beach chairs @ $9.99 ea. on sale
4 Dawn dish liquid @ .83 ea. - used (4) .50/1 MFQs = .33 ea.
2 Herbal Essences shampoo @ $2.99 ea. - used (2) $1/1 MFQs = $1.99 ea. + got $4 ECBs = FREE
1 Speed Stick @ $2.99 - used .50/1 MFQ = $2.49 + got $2 ECBs = .49
6 Hershey bars @ .89 ea. B2G1 FREE - used (2) B1G1 MFQs = $1.78 total
4 Covergirl Wetslick gloss @ $5.99 B1G1 - used (2) B1G1 MFQs = FREE
2 Reach floss @ $1.99 ea. - used (2) $1/1 MFQs = $1.98 + got $2 ECBs = FREE
1 box of Claritin (10 ct.) @ $9.99 - used $4/1 CVS Q = $5.99
1 pack of Carefree liners @ $1 (used a rain check to get this price) - used $1/1 MFQ = FREE

-used $40.99 ECBs
OOP = .94
+ got $8 ECBs
Net = profit of $7.06

My receipt says I saved $104.82 on this trip. Holy cow! Can you believe how much this stuff costs at retail price?! I don't feel like I even got that much stuff...

*I just realized that I forgot to scan my Extra Care card at the coupon magic machine when I first came in. My store just got one of these, so I am not in the habit of it yet. Plus I was there really near closing time, so I wanted to hurry up. Bummer!

Free Subscription to Readymade

Click HERE and sign out the form to score a free 6 month subscription to Readymade Magazine. I subscribe to this mag and always find lots of great ideas in it. I have never seen a free offer for it, so this is pretty awesome!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cheap Printer Ink!!

If you are a couponer then you know first-hand how most of the "cost" in couponing is associated with printing coupons. Thus I am always looking for good deals on ink and paper.

Today, Ebates is offering a whopping 27% cash-back on orders from Just search the site name in the search box on Ebates home-page. Shipping is free on orders over $50, so now is a good time to buy in bulk!!

I got my second check from Ebates in the mail today! It was only for $5.83, but that's money I didn't have yesterday which I am getting paid just for buying stuff online that I already would have anyways (like printer ink, text books, and contact lenses). I have another check for $25 coming my way next time!

Target Deal of the Day

Myfrugaladventures has the scoop on how to get 2 pairs of little girl's sandals for about $11.50 total from today. Check it out!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Hanna Andersson Sale

Hanna Andersson is having a Best of Summer Sale and they just marked down some new items. Dresses and shorts for $18 (such as the one pictured above) and tees and tanks for $14. If you're a Hanna fan, like I am, you might be interested, because this kind of sale really makes Hanna's clothes more within reach of the budget-friendly. Or you could just keep lurking ebay like I do ;D

Their stuff is the best quality and I love everything we own by this brand. If you have a little extra cash to spend on summer clothes, this would be a great time to do it. All of their clothes are Oeko-Tex Certified and a lot of them are organic cotton too. My favorite product is their organic PJs. They are so soft and well-made!

Britax Marathon $169.99 + free shipping!

Baby Cheapskate has a tip on a very hot deal on Britax Marathon carseats today. $169.99 + free shipping!

Thanks, Lauren!

50% off Butterfly Show tickets!

Here's one for the Cincy locals. I am so excited to see this deal today! 50% off 2 tickets to the Butterfly Show at Krohn's Conservatory! I have been really looking forward to taking Penny this year because she LOVES butterflies now. I am even more happy to be able to take her and not pay full-price!

Groupon is a really fantastic site. I have taken advantage of 6 deals so far (for yoga, painting services, produce delivery x2, et al.) I highly suggest you sign up for their daily emails so you don't miss a deal.

I have a feeling the butterfly show tickets are going to be very popular, so act fast before they are all gone!

I would also like to mention that Krohn's is free any other time. I take Penny all the time and she has a blast just smelling flowers, examining plants, and watching the waterfall. This place is definitely a Cincinnati treasure, IMO!

More Baby Star

If you missed out on the Baby Star gift card deal from Jasmere a few days ago, you can still snag a great price on their clothes from Zulily right now! Up to 50% off for some adorable and eco-friendly clothing from a tried-and-true brand.

The sweet set pictured above is $19.99, down from $36!

Try coupon code CANDY10 for 10% off orders over $30.

You can also try BAB10 for $10 off any order, but it has been working for some people and not others..

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Target and Wag's 5/13

Yeah, I took another little trip to Target today. I had to return some stuff. So I hit up a few more deals while I was there...

1 Kandoo wipes @ $1.65 - used $1/1 MFQ = .65

3 Sure deoderants @ $1.97 ea. - used (3) $1.50/1 MFQs = .47 ea. + they had "try me free" stickers on them, so after a MIR of $1.97 I will get for one of them (only 1 MIR per household) I will actually make .56 (well, after postage I guess it will only be .14 profit, but whatever, free's free)

1 Motrin PM @ $3.99 - used $3/1 MFQ and $1/1 Targ Q = FREE

1 Merona skirt @ $19.99 - used 20%/1 found in Parents Mag = $15.99

Total = about $19
Saved = $13.50 (42%)

I could have gotten a better deal using the 20% Merona Q on something that was on sale or clearance, but instead of buying another t-shirt or something I don't really need/want, I decided to use it on something that I wanted badly. I just hope it doesn't go on sale next week and make me feel like a jerk for premature coupon usage (does Target do price adjustments?).

Then I went to Walgreen's and got:

1 Eos shaving cream @ $2.99 + got $3 RR = FREE
1 watercolor paint set on clearance @ $1.49 (orig. $4.49) - not shown in pic
1 garden shovel @ $3.99 (I just really needed this at the moment) - not shown in pic

-used $4 RRs
OOP = about $5 (I don't have the receipt in front of me right now)
+got $3 RRs
Net cost = about $2

5 Children's Books for $10

Better World Books (my favorite online bookseller) has a deal right now, 5 used children's books for $10 in honor of Children's Book Week (who knew that even existed?) Shipping is always free, but you can choose carbon offset eco-shipping for a mere .02 per book. I always do.

Make sure the books you choose are part of the sale. You can see them HERE.

Click through Ebates first and get 3% cash-back!! Just search "better world books".

Proceeds of BWB sales go to literacy programs all around the world! And since you are buying used books, you are keeping them out of landfills (although BWB does sell some new books as well). So not only are you getting a better deal for your dollar financially, but also ethically! ;D

80% Off at

You can use promo code ENJOY for 80% off gift certificates at That's $25 gift certificates for $2. Just type in your zip code and see what restaurants are available in your area. Make sure to read the fine print for each restaurant before you purchase because the rules and restrictions vary.
I have used a bunch of these in the past. It's a great way to have an expensive meal out without emptying your pockets.

More Cheap Plants

Spring Hill Nursery has a deal right now for $25 off an order of $50+. I have ordered a bunch of stuff from them this month and can say that I've had a very good experience with them so far.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Free Lightbulb Update

Remember a while ago when I posted about getting a coupon in the mail from Duke Energy for a free pack of CFLs at Wal-mart?
Well, it was reported that Wally's was constantly out of the specific pack that the coupon was for, and it was pretty much a bust. I investigated the situation myself (risking my life to go into the mouth of hell!) and found that to be the truth.
Today I got a postcard in the mail telling me that the expiration date on the Q has been extended and it is now valid on a few different types of CFL packages. So, everyone rejoice, we may just get our free lightbulbs yet! However, I am still dreading the trip to WM!

Keep an eye on your mailbox for this postcard and don't throw it away because I wouldn't be surprised if you went to WM and tried to use the Q and they tell you it is expired. Then you can whip out the ol' postcard and tell them what's what.

Why I Love CVS!

SO I officially kicked CVS booty today! They paid me to shop there:

Always liners @ $1 (on sale from 1.49)
6 bags (12.6 oz) of M&Ms @ $2 each - used (2) B2G1 MFQs and a $3/2 CVS Q that printed at the kiosk when I scanned my card. = $5 for all (.83 each)
4 Lindt bars @ $2 each - used (2) $1/2 MFQs = $1.50 ea. + got $2 ECBs = $1 ea.
2 boxes CVS band-aids @ $1 ea. - used $1/2 CVS Q from kiosk = .50 ea.
1 Right Guard deoderant @ $2.49 - used $1/1 printable = $1.49 + got $2 ECBs = .49 profit
2 Crest Pro-health toothpaste @ $3.50 ea. - used (2) .75/1 MFQs = $2.75 ea. + got $7 ECBs = $1.50 profit
1 U by Kotex @ $4.99 - used $1/1 MFQ = $3.99 + got $4.99 ECBs = $1 profit
1 Schick Hydro 3 razor @ $8.99 - used $5/1 MFQ = $3.99 + got $4 ECBs = .01 profit
1 package sour watermelons @ .99 = YUM
1 Reach floss @ $1.99 - used $1/1 MFQ = .99 + got $2 ECBs = .01 profit
2 Nivea lip balm @ $2.99 ea. - used (1) B1G1 MFQ from All You and (1) $1/1 MFQ = $1.99 for both
2 Nivea body wash $5.99 ea. - used (1) B1G1 MFQ from All You = $5.99 for both (too bad I didn't have any $4/1 MFQs left for this one!!) + got $5 ECBs for spending $15 (pre-Q)on Nivea products = $2.98 total for all the Nivea products
1 Bayer Breeze glucose monitor @ $19.99 - used $10/1 MFQ = $9.99 + got $15 ECBs = $5 profit!

-used $5/$40 CVS Q from Kiosk
-used $7 ECBs from last week (I never got a chance to blog that trip)

OOP = $38.71
+got $41.99 ECBs
Net = $3.28 profit

Saved $72.13 (65%!!!)

Good thing I got some toothpaste and dental floss to counteract the effects of all the chocolate!


*I also left with a rain-check for Carefree liners which will be a free after $1/1 MFQ b/c they are on sale for $1. My store was out.

*I used all my Nivea $4/1 MFQs last week buying Nivea body wash when it was on sale for $4.88. I bought 4 and made $1.48 profit after ECBs. I couldn't find the B1G1 from All You last week (I misfiled it!), so I decided to go ahead and use it this time around. If you still have any of those $4/1 MFQs, you are in for an even better deal than I did here.

*I actually could have bought the Schick razor at Wag's this week instead and made $2 profit after RRs, but I decided to just go ahead and get it for free at CVS instead b/c I really hate dealing with Wag's most of the time. I would rather give my business to CVS because they treat their customers better all around, in my experience. Unfortch, I only got one paper this week, or I would be able to hit up both stores for the razor deal (plus it is a moneymaker at Target as well), but them's the breaks.

$50 Babystar gift card for $18

Wow, this is a great deal!! Jasmere has a deal today for a gift card worth $50. You only pay $18 (the price might even go down further if people keep buying this deal). This is another one of those deal-a-day websites. Babystar clothes are adorable and eco-friendly!! Penny had a pair of their organic jeans that I loved. She has since grown out of them. I have those for sale on Ebay, by the way!

Get in on this deal before it is gone!

Thanks, myfrugaladventures!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Infusium 23 for 65 cents

K-mart has Infusium 23 products on sale BOGO right now. The price of one product is $7.39. Use the $3/1 MFQs from a recent newspaper and/or the $3/1 from All You Magazine (remember to always use 2 coupons for BOGO sales!) and get 2 products for a total of $1.39. Maybe your K-mart will have the price even cheaper and you can get a better deal than me! Either way, this is some serious savings on a typically pricey product...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Target highlights

I took a lil trip to Targ today, here are some of the highlights of my venture:

Little Miss Sunshine DVD @ 7.50 - used $2/1 printable (I printed this a long time ago and it was expiring today! score!) = $5.50
Cherry Coke 2 liter @ 1.39 - used FREE coupon peelie from the aforementioned DVD = FREE
Annie's Bunny fruit snacks @ 2.99
KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce @ 1.42 - used $1/1 MFQ = .42
Kandoo flushable wipes @ 1.65- used $1/1 MFQ = .65
Soft Scrub extend spray @ 8.69 - used $5/1 printable MFQ and $5 Targ Q (get a $5 gc) = $1.31 moneymaker!!

I also had a $3 Targ Q off of 2 Kai-lan products. I don't really care about this show, but I figured if I could find something free somehow, I would get it to donate. Well I priced a few things. The cheapest thing I saw were some Kai-lan books that were about $4, so it would be $5 for 2 books after coupon. It wasn't worth it for me, but if someone out there has a kid who is into this show, maybe this would be a good thing to get and stuff in the gift closet for xmas or something. I got the coupon from

I also had a $2 Targ printable Q for Merona sunglasses. There are some on sale for $9.99, so it would be an alright deal if this is something you need. I didn't see any that I liked and that I thought were worth $8, but that's just me...

Some of the other deals I was after were met with empty shelves. I might try to go back later this week and see if things have been re-stocked. I was in Targ on Saturday briefly and it was ridiculous in there. Mother's day shoppers I guess. So they are probably still recuperating from that madness.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Wag's 5/5

Walgreen's orange soda @ .79 (I had a craving)
2 Lindt bars @ $1.80 ea. (that's 33% off sale) - used $1/2 MFQ = $1.30 ea.
2 Revlon Tweezers @ $2.99 b1g1 50% off - used $1/1 MFQ (I only had one on me) and $1/1 Wag's Q from May book (located by the weekly ads) = $1.49 for both
Sure deoderant @ $2.99 - used Wag Q (making it $1.50) and $1.50/1 MFQ = FREE
8 greeting cards @ various prices + got $2 RRs (I was supposed to get $5 RRs, but I accidentally bought 1 non-Hallmark card, so I screwed that up)

used $5 RRs

OOP = $22.59 (cards are expensive!!)
+got $2 RRs
Net = $20.59

Not so hot...but I made up for it at CVS ;D

More deals on organic kids' clothes

Zulily has yet another great deal on organic kids' clothes (there seems to always be at least one organic company featured on this site).

Check out Kiwi Industries. Adorable dresses, bodysuits, t-shirts, and pants priced at $13.99 and up.

Try coupon code CANDY10 for 10% off orders over $30.

You can also try BAB10 for $10 off any order, but it has been working for some people and not others...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Save on text books

One thing I have learned in college is to never pay full price for text books! (I've learned some other things too...)

I just bought a book for my next semester.
My favorite place to look for cheap, used text books is
I found the book I needed for $25. It's a used copy with a torn cover, but will work perfectly fine for me. The original price is about $120!! Zut alors!
I paid about $4 for shipping via Media Mail.
I checked, and Ebates has 4% cash-back!


I've said it before, and I'll say it again: a few seconds of clicking around on the internet for a better deal can be worth a lot of money!

Freebie for nursing moms!

Finally a freebie for breastfeeding mothers! Well, okay, I guess the breast milk itself is the ultimate freebie, but this is neat nonetheless:

FREE sample of Nursing Care Instant Relief HERE!

How awesome is that?!

Thanks for the tip, Tawny!

Monday, May 3, 2010


I know I have been AWOL the past few days. It's finals week and I am just focused on that right now. My last final is on Wednesday! Once that is over I can breathe again (and clip coupons and go deal hunting) and I won't even have the looming cloud of guilt that I should be doing homework instead! That really makes it all so much more enjoyable. I haven't even clipped my inserts from Sunday yet! Nor have I made my weekly trip to Wag's (although I did send Jon there on Sunday to buy me some newspapers). I can't wait to get back to it...