Monday, May 10, 2010

Target highlights

I took a lil trip to Targ today, here are some of the highlights of my venture:

Little Miss Sunshine DVD @ 7.50 - used $2/1 printable (I printed this a long time ago and it was expiring today! score!) = $5.50
Cherry Coke 2 liter @ 1.39 - used FREE coupon peelie from the aforementioned DVD = FREE
Annie's Bunny fruit snacks @ 2.99
KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce @ 1.42 - used $1/1 MFQ = .42
Kandoo flushable wipes @ 1.65- used $1/1 MFQ = .65
Soft Scrub extend spray @ 8.69 - used $5/1 printable MFQ and $5 Targ Q (get a $5 gc) = $1.31 moneymaker!!

I also had a $3 Targ Q off of 2 Kai-lan products. I don't really care about this show, but I figured if I could find something free somehow, I would get it to donate. Well I priced a few things. The cheapest thing I saw were some Kai-lan books that were about $4, so it would be $5 for 2 books after coupon. It wasn't worth it for me, but if someone out there has a kid who is into this show, maybe this would be a good thing to get and stuff in the gift closet for xmas or something. I got the coupon from

I also had a $2 Targ printable Q for Merona sunglasses. There are some on sale for $9.99, so it would be an alright deal if this is something you need. I didn't see any that I liked and that I thought were worth $8, but that's just me...

Some of the other deals I was after were met with empty shelves. I might try to go back later this week and see if things have been re-stocked. I was in Targ on Saturday briefly and it was ridiculous in there. Mother's day shoppers I guess. So they are probably still recuperating from that madness.


  1. I just did a hyooooooge Target trip and saved $17! Most of it was store coupons on top of sales items -- Target has been sending out some great store coupon packets lately and I have been glad I paid attention. For example, they had a save $1/3 greeting cards, so I used that to get our father's day cards early. I also redeemed some really good Pampers coupons so we still have sposies for overnights. Score!

  2. Nice!! I love hearing that people I know are saving $$. That greeting card Q could have really come in handy for me the other day. You got that in a mailer? The only ones I ever get in my mail are for baby products. I LOVE when Targ puts out diaper Qs that I can stack with MFQs for the overnight diaps. I never want to pay much for those things!