Monday, May 17, 2010

50% off Butterfly Show tickets!

Here's one for the Cincy locals. I am so excited to see this deal today! 50% off 2 tickets to the Butterfly Show at Krohn's Conservatory! I have been really looking forward to taking Penny this year because she LOVES butterflies now. I am even more happy to be able to take her and not pay full-price!

Groupon is a really fantastic site. I have taken advantage of 6 deals so far (for yoga, painting services, produce delivery x2, et al.) I highly suggest you sign up for their daily emails so you don't miss a deal.

I have a feeling the butterfly show tickets are going to be very popular, so act fast before they are all gone!

I would also like to mention that Krohn's is free any other time. I take Penny all the time and she has a blast just smelling flowers, examining plants, and watching the waterfall. This place is definitely a Cincinnati treasure, IMO!

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