Thursday, July 29, 2010

75% off toys at Target

Target is having their annual clearance toy blow-out right now (which happens the last week in July every year!). Plus there are lots of baby + children's clothes on clearance, and a great shoe clearance.

I got children's shoes for $3.74. A Paul Frank t-shirt for $1.98. And about a zillion toys for under $5 ea. I wanted to take pictures of my loot for you all, but I just hid it away in the closet as soon as Penny went to sleep and I don't want to mess with it now. Tooooo tired. But just take my word for it, it was an awesome haul!!

Most of the signs say 30% off, but if you actually look at the tags, things are 75% off. You have to really walk through each aisle of toys and keep your eyes peeled for the little red stickers. Today was the first day of the mark-downs I believe, so there was still a lot of stuff at around 7pm when I was there. By tomorrow I doubt there will be as much, but it will probably be your last chance to get many of the best deals b/c by the end of tomorrow I am betting everything will be totally picked through.

Take care of Xmas gifts now and be done with it!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More cheap stuff from Medco

For those of you who took advantage of the Medco codes a while back: it turns out with every order you make through them, you accumulate points. Check your inboxes (or log into your Medco account) and see if you can get a good deal on anything with your points.

I got an email saying I had $1.21 in points that are going to expire July 31. I looked around and found some E.L.F. lip balm on clearance for $1.12. Shipping is always .99, so my total was $2.11. Subtract my $1.21 credit and I paid .90 total for a lip balm shipped to my house. Not bad, right?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bigg Lots

Today I hit up Bigg Lots to use the one-day 20% off coupon I got off the internet (via one of the many blogs I read). I found some great deals! All of these prices are after the 20% discount:

Mother's Naturals oatmeal $1.20
Cascadian Farms cereal $1.84 ($3.99 at Kroger)
Hansen's Natural juiceboxes .80 (.99 at Kroger)
Blue Diamond Almond Milk $1.60 (this is the big size that is around $5.69 at Kroger!!)

I haven't been to Bigg Lots since I was a kid. I had no idea you could find such good products at such great prices there. I think I will start going there more often. Even without 20% off, some of these prices are wonderful!

So, remember when I got that great deal on contact lenses a few months back?
Well it turns out the deal was even better than I originally thought. Today I got an email telling me that I had $23.77 in points to spend before July 31. These were accumulated from my Vision Direct purchase of contacts. I guess these are sister websites. So basically I was about to get $23.77 of free stuff!
I wandered around the site to find the best deals. Orders of $49+ have free shipping, so I figured I would try to get the best deal possible and spend a few extra bucks past my freebies.
I was going to order the Neutrogena Clinical that has a free rebate right now -- which would have been a $23 moneymaker since the cost is about $35 and I had the $23 free. I would have paid $12 OOP, but got back $35. Unfortunately they were all sold out! You have to purchase the product by today in order to get the rebate, so that was a no go for me. (There still is a $15 rebate available for purchases after today).
I noticed there was a 35% sale on all Bi-O Kleen products. I LOVE this brand! It is the best cleaner I have ever used. However, it can be prohibitively expensive and it almost never goes on sale, and isn't widely available. In the past I was very excited about a $1 coupon for the stuff, if that says anything... So I decided to go ahead and stock up on Bi-O Kleen products. I even got to buy some that I haven't seen available in my area. I ended up with produce wash, rug shampoo, concentrated all-purpose cleaner, dishwasher powder, stain and oder eliminator, and all temperature laundry liquid at incredible prices!
In addition to the cleaning products, I also bought Jason Naturals tea tree oil for 15% off. This is something I have been wanting to buy anyways, and I knew it was probably going to be expensive, so I was happy to find any deal on it. It has a million uses, from blemish control to stripping cloth diapers!
My final good deal was 3 bags of Maxim organic cotton balls. Buy 3, get $3 off. So they ended up being $1.19 a bag. That's almost as cheap as non-organic cottonballs, so I'm pretty happy with that deal.

My subtotal was $50.13. After my $23.77 credit, I paid $26.59 OOP.
I shopped through Ebates for 6% cash-back!
AND I will be getting a $25 gift certificate (which comes with any $25 purchase) back as well! Combining that with thost 70-80% off codes that come around so often and I will be eating for free for quite a while!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

CVS 7/16

2 Head and Shoulders @ $5.99 (sale) - used B1G1 MFQ +got 2 ECBs = 1.98 ea.
2 John Freida Root Awakening @ $5 ea. - used (2) $3/1 MFQs = $2 ea. +got $5 ECBs = $1 profit!

OOP = $9.99 + tax
+got $7 ECBs
Net = $2.99

I got rainchecks for the Complete that is free after ECBs and the Cottonelle 12 pks that are B1G1.

Friday, July 16, 2010

I got a BOX of Huggies for $3.14!

Amazon has an extra 15% off any "subscribe and save" diapers right now. Add that to the usual discount and you get 30% off. Also, there is a code for 20% off an Amazon diaper purchase in Parenting magazines this month.

I found that boxes of Huggies Overnights (64 ct.) are on sale right now. A box of size 4s is $16.29.

After the 30% and 20% discounts, the price was $8.14. That's a great deal!!

I happened to have a $5 gift card in my Swagbucks account.

Voila! I paid $3.14 for a box of diapers and we'll be set for quite a while now.

If you do this deal, make sure you go back and unsubscribe from "subscribe and save" after your order is completed, otherwise you will be charged again (at a higher cost) when your next subscription order is up.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Blogosphere Deals

Here are a few great deals I've seen along the way today:

HERE is a great deal on sandals by See Kai Run. A pair for boys and one for girls for $19 ea! Thanks Baby Cheap Skate!

20% and free shipping on sandals HERE. They have Keens, which you don't see deals on very often!
Thanks Baby Cheap Skate!

A coupon for 20% off at Bigg Lots on 7/18. I hear they have various organic products there, as well as a million other things you will convince yourself that you need. haha
Thanks, Organic Deals and Coupons!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Clearance at TRU/BRU

I had to buy a Birthday present for a 5 year old the other day. I had a $5 off any purchase coupon I got in the mail from Toys R Us, so I headed out to find a good deal. Turns out this week they are having a huge and awesome sale. All clearance stuff is an extra 25% off, and there are great specials on tons of other things (including Melissa and Doug art stuff, Crayola markers, dress-up clothes, on and on - b1g1 and b1g1 50%). TRU clearance is a little tricky b/c it is not all in one place. You have to walk all over the store and keep your eyes peeled for little clearance tags by things. I didn't have my camera with me or I would have taken some example pics.

Anywho, my favorite find was a set of 5 flocked horse figurines for $4.95. This is a really nice set. I would like to go back and get some more to keep in the gift closet b/c they make great gifts for many ages of children and for both sexes. I got an extra set to save for Xmas. I don't remember what the original price was on these, but I think it was at least $15.

I also saw that some of the the clearance on natural cleaning and hygiene products is still there. I happened to have a few Kiss My Face 1.50/1 product coupons with me, so I grabbed 3 kid's toothpastes. They rang up $1.29 so after coupons they were FREE! AND I got the overage from the coupons, so I actually got an extra .63 off of the toys I bought!

Kroger Organic and Natural Clearance

I stopped into Kroger today to pick up an Rx. I told Penny I would get her some bananas and strawberries if she went to the grocery store with me. As I was wondering in the produce area, I noticed a ton of markdowns in the natural dairy case. This is actually a huge part of the reason I make it a point to go to this particular Kroger location. They always seem to have markdowns on organic and natural foods. Good for me!

Today I got:

6 bags of Horizon Organic mozzarella cheese @ $1.49 (reg price $3.99!)
1 jug Uncle Matt's orange juce @ $2.89 (reg price $5.69!)
1 pack Franklin Farms mushroom veg burgers @ $1.49 (reg $3.99!)
1 box crunch pack apple slices @ $1.49

Of course this stuff is marked down b/c it is close to expiration date, but that is usually not a very good measure of when things go bad. Besides, I put the cheese and the burgers in the freezer and the OJ and apples will be consumed within this week.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Target 7/12

2 Pampers travel wipes @ $2.39 - used (2) $2/1 MFQs = .39 ea.
2 Johnson's Buddies soaps @ .97 ea. - used (2) $1/1 MFQs = FREE
1 Earth's Best toddler snacks @ $1.77 - used .75/1 Target Q (from mailer) = $1.02
1 Tide Stain Release @ $6.49 (sale) - used $1/1 MFQ and $1.50/1 Target Q (from insert) = $3.99
1 Annie's bunny fruit snacks @ $2.99 (sale)
2 boxes Ortega taco shells @ $1.50 ea. (sale) - used $1/2 MFQ = $1 ea.
1 Kikkoman teriyaki sauce @ $1.42 (sale) - used $1/1 printable = $.42
1 eggs @ .99
1 Clean and Clear cleanser @ $3.69 - used $1/1 Target Q and $2/1 printable = .69
3 Bounty paper towel rolls $ 1 ea. - used (3) $1/1 MFQs (from P&G rebate booklet) = FREE
3 Rose Art markers @ .50 (sale)
1 Rose Art colored pencils @ .50 (sale)
6 dollar spot dress up pieces (tiara, firefighter hat, tutus, etc.) = $6
1 jelly sandals @ $6 (clearance 50% off)
2 pairs shorts @ $1.98 (clearance 75% off)
1 pair shorts @ $2.48 (clearance 75% off)

OOP = $36.08
Saved = $48.99

Friday, July 9, 2010

CVS trip 7/9

Today I realized I needed 3 things: diapers (we use disposables at night and on long adventures out of the house), baby Motrin, and cow milk. I checked around the interwebz to see where I could get a good deal on any of these things. I saw that CVS has a current deal on Pampers. Buy a large box for $19.99 and get 3 ECBs. I also had a $3 MFQ from Vocalpoint. So I ventured out.

Of course I hit up the magic coupon machine when I first got in there and got some fantastic coupons. I got a $4.50/1 box of Pampers (awesome!), .50 off Milky Way bar, $2 ECBs, and some others.

I made 2 transactions to get a lower OOP.

1 Box of Pampers Baby Dry (82 ct.) @ $19.99 - used $3/1 MFQ and $4.50/1 CVS Q = $12.49 +got 3 ECBs

OOP = $13.79
Net = $10.79

1 Milky Way @.50 (on sale!) - used .50/1 CVS Q = FREE
1 Green & Black bar @ $2.61 (clearance)
2 boxes Raisinets @ $2/3 (I thought the sign said $2/2!!) - I just wanted these!
1 pack paintbrushes @ $1 - these are really fun pool toys
1 CVS brand children's Ibuprofen @ $4.99
1 gallon milk @ $2.19 (sale)

-used $5 ECBs
OOP = $9.13

Total OOP = $19.92
Not bad considering the price of the diapers alone would have been more than that if I'd paid full price ;D