Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kroger Organic and Natural Clearance

I stopped into Kroger today to pick up an Rx. I told Penny I would get her some bananas and strawberries if she went to the grocery store with me. As I was wondering in the produce area, I noticed a ton of markdowns in the natural dairy case. This is actually a huge part of the reason I make it a point to go to this particular Kroger location. They always seem to have markdowns on organic and natural foods. Good for me!

Today I got:

6 bags of Horizon Organic mozzarella cheese @ $1.49 (reg price $3.99!)
1 jug Uncle Matt's orange juce @ $2.89 (reg price $5.69!)
1 pack Franklin Farms mushroom veg burgers @ $1.49 (reg $3.99!)
1 box crunch pack apple slices @ $1.49

Of course this stuff is marked down b/c it is close to expiration date, but that is usually not a very good measure of when things go bad. Besides, I put the cheese and the burgers in the freezer and the OJ and apples will be consumed within this week.


  1. DAMN! Which Kroger's do you go to?

  2. On Harrison, by the movie theatre. I only left one bag of cheese ;) But there is always a ton of markdowns on organic there. I love it!