Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kohl's trip 3/30

Yesterday I took Penny to Kohl's to do a $15 shopping spree. She has been so sweet lately and dealing with mama being giant and sluggish and all-around not much fun, so I thought she deserved a little treat.

I had a $10 and a $5 Kohl's coupon. The $10 I got in the mail and the $5 I got for signing up for Kohl's emails.

Here's what Penny picked. I paid $2.22 OOP.
The Hello Kitty bubble maker was $14.99 orig., but on sale for 40% off, and the Wonder Pets book was $8.99 orig., but on sale for 10% off.


I heart Zulily!

I admit I have a bit of an obsession with drooling over stuff on Zulily...
They have some of the cutest stuff right now!

They have Trumpette socks and Crocs, which I know a lot of people are big fans of.

They also have these insanely adorable dresses by Freckles + Kitty.

And sweet baby clothes by The Tangerine Tree.

Oh I am in love with it all.

Use GA9331 for $5 off $50 or try Coupcab482 for 10% off.

Use Ebates to get 3.5% back!

Have you been to yet?

I wanted to highlight this awesome site that I love to frequent. I mostly go there for the baby stuff and toys, but they have tons of other stuff as well, from household items to electronics. At NoBetterDeal they have items that are open-box, returns, damaged box, and some new items, for extremely discounted prices. I have bought several things from there including a jumperoo, stroller, baby monitor, and toys, and they have all been in perfect shape. Even if you do purchase something and it is not to your liking, they have a 30 day return policy, so you really don't have much to use. I also love the fact that they accept paypal. That's always a plus for me when I am shopping online.

The inventory changes daily (sometimes hourly), and a lot of things can get snatched up super fast, so you have to check back often if there is something specific you are looking for (it took me a while to snag a Fisher Price Rock n' Play on there b/c they get sold so fast). There are some things that tend to come back around pretty often, and other things that just randomly show up and never come back again.

Currently they have a bunch of Baby K'tan baby carriers. I have never seen these on the site before, so that is pretty neat. They retail for around $35, but on NBD they are selling for $23. Shipping cost varies per item, so you have to check to make sure it doesn't kill the deal. Often it is only $3.95, but it can be more. Looks like it is more on the Baby K'tans, which kind of ruins it for me. There are tons of other great deals though. In fact, I see a Rock n' Play on there right now for $26.99 + $3.95 shipping, and it says it is a new item! These go for around $50 in stores and on Amazon...

So go check it out and see if you can snag an awesome deal on something you need.

Cheap used books!

One of my favorite sites, Better World Books, has a code right now for 15% off 4 or more used books (not bargain bin books). The code is MADNESS (good thru 4/4). I love this site so much because their books are cheap, their proceeds go to literacy programs all over the world, and their shipping is free, or you can choose eco-shipping for .01 per book and offset the carbon used to ship the books to you!

You can get 3% cash-back from Ebates.

Help me!

Hey friends,

Today Plum District is running a deal for previous customers. If you refer 6 new people to their site, you will be awarded a $40 Zappo's Gift Card!! You may remember a couple weeks ago when they did this same sort of thing and gave away $20 Target Gift Cards. Well I just got my Target card in the mail 2 days ago, so this is totally legit! Please follow my link and sign up for Plum District. It is a daily deal site (kind of like Groupon) that has some great deals. You will likely only get 1 email per day from them. And if you don't like the emails, you can always unsubscribe later.

If you do sign up under my link, please confirm your email address thru the email they send you, or I won't get credit for your referral!

And then once you sign up, you can get a chance to earn a Zappo's gift card for yourself as well!

Thanks a lot! Mama needs a new pair of shoes!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

$10 Gas Card from Kellogg's

I just saw on Coupon Cravings that there is a rebate from Kellogg's that runs through 12/31. Buy 10 Kellogg's cereals by 12/31, submit this form with UPCs, and receive a $10 pre-paid Mastercard for gas purchases!! Now that is a rebate I can get behind.

Piggy Paint deal today on Ecomom

The deal of the day at Ecomom is pretty great today, in my opinion. If you have been following my blog, you already know that I am a fan of Piggy Paint. The stuff is $$ though, so I am always on the look-out for deals on it. Ecomom has a set today for $12.99 + free shipping! It is 2 colors (Girls Rule! and Ice Cream Dream) and a bottle of polish remover. Everywhere I have seen sets like these, they are going for $24.99 or more (!) so this is a great deal. These are perfect for Easter baskets!

The deal I mentioned for Piggy Paint at The Children's Place about a week ago is the only comparable deal I have seen for this. Although, I have heard rumors that there are bottles for $1 at the TCP brick-and-mortar store (only blue, red, and pink though). I haven't confirmed this myself.

$25 for $50 at American Apparel (store or site)

Buy With Me has 2 deals today that are of interest. There is one for a $50 voucher for American Apparel Online, and one for American Apparel Stores. Both vouchers cost $25, and you have to buy each one separately if you want them both.

$4 off a Plum District deal

Plum District has a code for $4 off a deal today, for the first 1,000 buyers, who are also first-time buyers. This may or may not go fast... The code is plumspring11

The "everywhere" deal today is pretty great. Pay $15 ($11 if you can use the code) for $30 worth (6 months) of Menu Planning with The Fresh 20.

There is also a deal for a subscription to Parents Magazine for $5 ($1 after code!). I would recommend getting this for sure if I knew whether the Amazon coupons were going to come back after April. Unfortunately it is looking glum on that front, but the magazine sometimes has other coupons in it, and for a $1 you don't have much to lose.

$15 for ebay, pay $7

Groupon has a great deal today! You pay $7 to get $15 to use at Ebay. You can try to go through Ebates for your Groupon purchase and get 3% cash-back, but people are having trouble finding this particular deal that way. Also, when you have the voucher, you can click through Ebates to get to Ebay and get some cash-back as well.

I use ebay for numerous purchases, from children's clothing to stacks of coupons. I am currently working on collecting Charlie and Lola party supplies from ebay to use at Penny's Bday party in June (yeah I'm thinking ahead).

To find this deal you must go to

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cheap Entertainment

Sometimes the hardest part about being broke is that you aren't able to spend money on "frivolous" entertainment, and that can be depressing, as you sit in your living room starting at the computer screen all weekend b/c you can't afford to do anything fun. So I am always on the look-out for cheaper activities to do with my family on weekends.

Yesterday afternoon we went to the Contemporary Arts Center for Family Saturday. (4th Saturday of every month from 1-4pm). We got museum admission for free because Jon had received an email at work with a free admission pass. Occasionally he gets things like this, and it is awesome. (For my Birthday he took me to see the Burn the Floor dance show using tickets he bought for 50% off thanks to one of these emails!). The CAC's top floor is the UnMuseum, which is geared toward children. They can touch and interact with all of the art. Yesterday they had a special art activity for the kids to do, based on the Keith Haring exhibit which was on the 5th floor. The kids painted pieces of cardboard with black paint, and then once it dried they were able to do chalk drawings on it. Penny really enjoyed herself. So the CAC was free for us, but we did end up having to pay $5 to park in a garage. That's the big bummer about downtown. All of the meters we found had a 60 minute limit, so we couldn't find any on-street parking.

Yesterday evening we planned to go to a Cincinnati Cyclones hockey game. They only have a couple games left in the season, so I wanted to catch one before it was too late. I had a coupon for B1G1 tickets, which I got from a Cincinnati coupon book that my MiL gave us for xmas. I originally looked up the price of tickets and had thought they were around $7, but I was mistaken. So we paid $13 for one ticket (2nd one was free, and Penny was free b/c she's 2 yrs old). We also had a parking dilemma for this event. We could not find any on-street parking, and almost all the garages were $10. We settled on paying $5 to park in a lot, but only had $3 in cash on us. We had to get money from an ATM which had a $3 fee!! So with the fee added, we basically ended up paying $8 to park...I guess we can say we saved $2 by not parking in a garage.... but we were really mad about having to pay the fee for the ATM. I have learned my lesson and will try to keep more cash on me for times like these. It's just something I never think about b/c I hardly ever need it...

However I got burned last week by not having cash on me when Penny and I went to the Danbarry Dollar Saver Cinema to see Tangled. I was psyched b/c I had a B1G1 coupon from my Entertainment Book, so we were only going to pay $3 total to see the movie, but it turns out they only take cash there too, so I had to get money from an ATM and lost a $2 fee on that, meaning I ended up paying $5 total, which means that my coupon ended up only saving us $1.

My point in this entry is: you can definitely do things cheaply if you do some planning ahead and keep your eyes and ears peeled for free and cheap events in the city, but just remember to keep some cash on you so you don't end up ruining your deal by incurring ATM fees!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Disney Store and Carter's

At the Disney Store there is a bunch of clearance on personalized items such as blankets and bath robes. You can get an extra 20% off with coupon code GIFT. Shipping is $2.95, so not too shabby.

I paid around $12 for a personalized Jack Skeleton blanket (from Nightmare Before Xmas - Penny loves that movie).

You can get 5% cash-back from Ebates!

Another great sale is at Carter's. Everything on the site is 50% off, plus you can get 20% off an order of $50+ with code: NEWBORN.

2.5% cash-back from Ebates!

Free cloth diapers and other stuff?

Kanga Care has a promotion today where they are giving .01 in discounts for every Facebook fan they have. For example, right now they have about 3,500 fans, which means a $35.00 discount for every fan who orders something on the site. I can't find where all the details to the promo are, but I am told that you will have to spend $24 out of pocket, before applying the discount. And supposedly the coupon code is going to be issued sometime around 9pm EST. I don't know if the codes will work right away, or what the deal is there. I just hope the site doesn't get bogged down and overloaded and sold out too fast!
As long as this doesn't turn out to be another Franklin Goose fiasco, I think it will be an excellent deal.

So go "like" Kanga Care right now! You only have another 2 hours or so to get in on this deal!

Note: if you don't use cloth diapers, there are lots of other great things on the site that you might use, like baby carriers and toys, etc.


Birthday Promo Details

Hey Facebook fans! For every 1 fan the Kanga Care fan page received by 3 pm (MST) on 3/24/11, Kanga Care is giving $.01 off your order! So what was the final “Fan Count”? It was 3,813 fans! That brings the birthday promo discount up to $38.13.

NOTE: We have added in a second code that is exactly 1/2 values of the "full" code so that those of our customers on a tighter budget can still participate in this birthday bash!

When: Friday, March 25th 2011

Time: 12 (noon) - 2 pm (MST)

Discount Amount: $38.13 off your purchase of $80 or more.
Discount Code: HBS2FB ("S2" for Sebastian turning 2!)

Discount Amount: $19.06 off your purchase of $40 or more.
Discount Code: HBA5FB ("A5" for Autumn turning 5!)

Promotion Tips
Create an account on ahead of time.
Local customers, place your order online and select "in-store pick up" to avaoid the crowds.
Local in-store customers, come before noon and be ready to check out when the code is live.
Fine Print
This discount can not be combined with any other discounts or promotions. This includes any printed or published or online coupons. Regretfully, orders made in-store may not combine the promotion with the Facebook "Check-In" 10% discount. If you do "Check-In" we will give you a 10% off rain check for your next visit. Not valid on sale or clearence merchandise. Discount is not applicable to previous transsactions and holds no cash value. Purchase does not count towards Kanga Kash reward points and Kanga Kash may not be used to pay for promotional order/merchandise. Offer is good on in-stock merchandise only and product may not be backordered. This promotion will begin at the following times in the cordinating time zones and end in 2 hours exactly: 11 am (pacific), 12 pm (mountain), 1 pm (central), 2 pm (eastern).

Klutz Books Deal

If you need any gifts for an elementary-aged child, there is a decent deal on Klutz activity books. Here's how:

On Mamapedia today the deal is pay $15 for a $30 voucher for Klutz. There is a coupon code you can use on Mamapedia for 20% off the deal: MARKLUT20%
So you will pay $12 for $30 worth of product. Also, the voucher can be applied to shipping cost AND this voucher does not expire!! As a matter of fact, you can also buy more than one voucher and use them both on one order. The terms of these deal are really good and almost unheard of!

For me, shipping on Klutz is $6.66. You can go on the site and estimate shipping for your location to see if it makes the deal any less palpable for you.

I LOVED these Klutz books when I was a kid. I'm considering getting this voucher to use for my little sister's Birthday gifts. She will be turning 6. I am thinking she would like the window art kit and the paper beads kit.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Amazon Grocery Deals

Since being super-pregnant and not really wanting to spend as much time on my feet shopping, especially when lugging a nearly 30 lb. toddler along, I have been ordering as many things online as possible to avoid the hassle.
I have found some great deals on grocery items at Amazon, and I thought I would highlight a few:

DH is in love with Orange and Spice tea. Right now there is an extra 15% off Lipton Teas with code: LPTONTEA. Combine with subscribe and save, and get 30% off. I bought 6 boxes of DH's fave tea for a little over $9. These are about $2.59 each at Kroger, so I saved about $7! (Note: the orange and spice tea was not listed on the page of teas when I clicked the Lipton deal. I just decided to specifically search for it on a whim, and the code worked for it.)

Organic Valley Milk has a coupon code for an extra 10% off: VALLEYM4. If you use it with a s/s (subscribe and save) item, you will get 25% off. I bought the 12 pack of strawberry milk, paying about $9 for it (.75 ea.). In store, these would have been about $1 each. I bought the strawberry flavor so Penny can have pink milk like her favorite cartoon buds, Charlie and Lola...

Haribo Candies have a code for extra 10%, so 25% with s/s: HARIBOII You can get 5 lbs of gummi bears for about $11. Yum!

I already posted previously about the Revolution Foods deal to get up to 50% off. Penny is loving her Jammy Sammies that I bought.

Something to think about is this -- if I had $1 off Lipton Tea coupons (which I'm not sure come around too often), I would be paying $1.59 ea. at Kroger. If I bought 6 boxes at this price, it would end up being a little over $9. So, by shopping online for this item instead, I basically got my after-Q price w/o having to clip the coupons or use my gas and time to go pick up the tea. And now we are good to go for a while since we will be stocked up w/6 boxes of the stuff. This is the kind of thinking I have to do before purchasing things online. If I could get a better deal by using a coupon in the store, then it might be worth it to do that instead. You have to weigh the scenarios first before getting too excited about a deal in front of your computer screen ;D But it is also important to remember that sometimes the convenience factor of having something delivered to my door is worth an extra $1...

There are many more great grocery offers this month, from teas, to olive oil (highly recommend the Zoe products), to Kellog's cereal. I only wrote about a few that I personally found useful. There may be others for products that you love. Go check out this month's Amazon grocery deals HERE.

Half Price Books coupons

Here are a variety of coupons for Half Price Books that range from 20-50% off. They are all for use at different times this week. Last one expires 3/27.

20% off Carter's

Carter's has a coupon code good until tomorrow (3/23) for 20% off an order of $30 or more. That basically translates to free shipping. The code is HAPPYBDAY.

You can also get 2.5% cash back from Ebates.

If you'd prefer to shop in store, you can go to the site to print out the 20% in-store coupon.

They have some good sales right now to combine this coupon with!

Monday, March 21, 2011

20% off H+M kids

I have never seen a coupon for H+M, so I am going to assume they are rare, but correct me if I am wrong. I am excited to see this!

Here is a coupon for 20% off your entire kids purchase at H+M! Good until 3/27/2011. They have some of the cutest clothes around!

Free Shipping +15% off at The Children's Place today

There is free shipping today at The Children's Place, no coupon code necessary. In addition, you can use the code: RETAILMENOT3C to get an extra 15% off your order. There are still a lot of cute things on sale.

You can also shop through Ebates for 3% cash back.

Personally, I bought 3 sets of @ $5.99 ea. I paid $16.26 total after code. This is the best price for Piggy Paint I have ever seen. Most places it is $9 - $10 per bottle. If you don't know what Piggy Paint is, it is a completely safe (aka no icky chemicals) nail polish made for use on children. You can read more about it here.

Friday, March 18, 2011

$8 Photo Book and Deal on photo prints

There's a free photo book offer at Picaboo, for new accounts. The book is the large, classic book with 20 pages (.99 for each additional page). Shipping is about $8. This deal is good thru March 22.
The code is FREECC

There is also a great deal at Snapfish where you pay $5 for 100 photo prints. The code is PADDY20. Good through March 21. I always order prints when these codes become available. I am slowly getting all of our Europe 2009 photos printed up thru these deals!

PS There is another code for the same deal for Snapfish: STPATPRNT
I was able to use both codes, in two separate orders. You may have luck with that as well. I am not sure when this code expires.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Free Happy Baby food

Head over to the Happy Family Facebook page, click on the “Gen Happy” tab (lower left hand side), then scroll down and take the Generation Happy Pledge by clicking the “Join Us” link. Just for doing so, you’ll score a coupon valid for a FREE Happy Baby Product. *Note: This coupon will be sent via email. The coupon doesn’t come automatically and could take up to a week to receive after taking the pledge.

Friday, March 11, 2011

fall into the Gap, not the trap

Gap is one of those places I LOVE, but will absolutely not step foot in without a coupon because it is $$$. So I am pretty excited about this nice coupon they just put out.

Sign up to receive text messages from the Gap and they will text you a code for $25 off a $50 purchase. Just go HERE.

Cheap toddler snacks

Revolution Foods brand snacks on Amazon have an extra coupon code until the end of this month.

Jammy Sammys and Mash-ups are both subscribe and save items, so you can combine the 30% off on top of the 15% subscribe and save discount. Grammy Sammys are not s/s items, but you can still use the code on them.

Last I heard there was a glitch and the coupon code was not working on the mash-ups, but I read that some people are having luck getting in touch with customer service and having the 30% applied that way. So if that is what you really want, it might take a little extra work.

Just as an example of a deal you can get. Strawberry flavored Jammy Sammys should be about $8.19 for 5 boxes of 25, or $1.64 per box. These run about $3.50 per box at BRU, so this is an excellent deal!

The code is: PLUMOR33

Thanks to My Frugal Adventures for this deal!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Natural Store: new coupon codes

Here is a great opportunity to get a deal on some things that are usually very hard to find on sale, such as natural or organic bug spray, sun screen, shampoo, etc.

The Natural Store just released a coupon code for $10 of $25.
OR $20 off $50

You have to go through the links above in order to get the coupon codes to work.

Shipping is free for orders over $50 (before coupon I am assuming) so this would be a great time to stock up on some things.

I have ordered from this site before and it was a perfect transaction.

Jumbo Personalized Stockings from PBK for $16.49

Pottery Barn Kids is having a big sale right now. A couple things are kind of exciting, I think. One is they have their jumbo sized quilted Santa stockings on sale for $9.99, original price is $39.99! You can add a monogrammed name for $6.50. Shipping is free on this item! So that's $16.49 for a $39.99 stocking!

They also have an Anywhere Chair in the lavender dot pattern for $94.99, down from $119.99. Shipping is not free on this item though. This is one of those things that it is hard to find a good deal on. The one I bought I didn't get on sale... but Penny loves it and has used it every single day since we bought it, so I don't regret it.

Check out the rest of the sale and see if there is anything that tickles your fancy.

Refer 4 friends, get a $20 Target gift card

Plum District has a deal today where if you refer 4 friends to their site, they will send you a $20 Target gift card!! Sounds pretty simple and pretty magical to me.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mini Social

Have you joined Mini Social yet?
It's a daily deal site that often features some of the cutest stuff I see on any of these sites.

Right now they have Imagiplay toys for up to 50% off. I love these wooden puzzles!

Gorgeous Purebaby organic clothes!

Plus a bunch of other great things. If you join they will sometimes send out emails with coupon codes too. Right now they have a promotion where if you get 5 people to join (they don't have to buy anything) between March 7 - 13, you will get a $20 credit, plus $10 when your referrals make their first purchase!

Happy Green Bee socks

If you have been following my blog long, you know I love Happy Green Bee clothes. Well, they have some new sock sets in their clearance section now. The socks are once size, but they have fit my daughter from about 12 months to the almost 3 yrs old that she is now. She wears a size 6.5 shoe now.

The sets are 6 pairs for $12. That is an excellent deal for organic cotton socks! Heck,I pay that much for regular cotton socks at Old Navy sometimes.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

fancy shmancy diaper bag, anyone? SOLD OUT

I, like many, have lusted over the Petunia Picklebottom line of diaper bags many a time. I have never considered actually buying one because, hello nearly $100 on a diaper bag, I think not. Also, I've never fancied myself as a person who cared about having a fancy diaper bag. I generally use a cheapo bookbag that I've had forever, and when Penny was wee, we had an $8 bag from Wal-mart (gasp!) that was okay. Honestly I kind of hated the thing b/c it was shoulder straps only and it was impossible to wear it comfortably while also wearing baby in a carrier, which is what I do most of the time. That's when the bookbag came into play. Baby on my front, bag on my back. Yes, I look like a pack mule. Anyways, back to my point...
For some reason I am more interested in pretty diaper bags this time around. Maybe I am just tired of frumpy things in general, and know it is going to be even harder to not turn into a walking scrunchy-head, flip-flop, sweat-pants mom lady when I have 2 littles to care for. So I feel like maybe if I have a diaper bag that doesn't scream DIAPER BAG, it will help my case. Whatever the reason, I got excited to see this deal. Thanks to Mara over on the Baby Cheapskate FB page, I was turned onto this outlet sale of Petunia Picklebottom bags. They are even organic. For $40!!!!
ND you can use the code "marchship" for free shipping.
Maybe people won't be staring at the spit-up on your shoulder if they are too busy admiring the gorgeous print on your bag. Maybe?

Go to Belly Dance Maternity and check out the goods!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

100 photo prints for $5

Snapfish has a deal right now to get 100 photo prints for $5! That's a great deal. Use code: STPATPRNT

If you happen to open a new account in order to do this deal, you also get 20 free prints for being a new customer. In that case, make sure you put 120 prints in your cart or the shipping charge will be wonky. For the 120 prints the total cost should be about $6.49 (for shipping + taxes).

Thanks myfrugaladventures!

Also, if you happen to have one of those $10 Amazon Mom codes from the baby magazines, but don't need any baby items, or don't have a baby, you can use the code to buy these photo albums that just happen to be in the baby department, but are actually very versatile. They will be $6.95 after code. I have been using them to put our 2009 European vacation photos into. They are very nice quality!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Babysteals and Hautelook

There are a couple of deals on the daily-deal sites I want to highlight today.

Babysteals has Livie and Luca shoes for kids for about 45% off. These shoes are really pricey usually, so whenever they come up on a deals site I get really excited. Penny has 2 pairs of them and I am totally in love with this brand. If you want some, act fast b/c stuff on Babysteals never lasts very long. I am so in love with the mushroom shoes above, but every time they come up on a deals site, they are sold out before I can get them!

Hautelook has Kate Quinn Organics clothing, for babies and toddlers, for 50% off. This brand is fantastic quality and really adorable. Penny has a couple of things from this brand as well and they are lovely on her. The regular prices are $$$, so this is a good opportunity to get some at a more reasonable level.

Friday, March 4, 2011


Okay, last post tonight, I promise...

I wanted to share something really sweet that I just recently put together, on the cheap, but the joy it brings me is priceless.

Last week there was a promotion for a free 8x10 collage print from Walgreen's. Sorry I didn't post about it, but I have not really had much time to keep up this blog like I want. Anyway, I took advantage of that deal. I almost forgot about it, but managed to put something together in the last 10 minutes it was available (assuming it ended at midnight that day). I uploaded a bunch of pictures from Penny's first few days after she was born ;D

Then I spotted a deal at Michael's where they were having 40% off all frames, and there was an extra 25% coupon in the circular as well. So I found a frame that was originally $21.99, and paid about $7.70 for it. It's a pretty nice frame too.

And here's what I came out with:

JanFebMar 2011 203

Target kitchen dept. clearance

If you are in the market for a new spatula or lemon baller then you are in luck. I was at Target today and the had tons of stuff clearanced in their kitchen gadgets department. Little red stickers dotting the aisles -- one of my favorite sights to see.

I bought a metal strainer for $4, a paring knife for >$1, a dish scrub brush for $1, a slotted spoon for $4 (the whole reason I even ventured into that aisle in the first place), and a food processor for $19.98 (orig. $39.98)!

Yes, this clearance is also on things like blenders and the like. It appeared to me that things were mostly 50% off. Keep your eyes peeled!

Random: I also scored a deal on Happy Baby squeezy foods. They were .89 ea. and I had a coupon for B6G1 free that came in a baby mailer. They are good for a year, so I am going to put them in the pantry until baby boy is ready for solids...

UPS thinks I'm a loon

Here's a picture of Penny sitting amidst the pile of things that came in the mail from Amazon today. I paid about $50 total for all of the things pictured (mainly $22 on the breast pump and $18 on the crocodile organizer). This was all bought with $10 Amazon codes found on little green postcards in Baby Talk and American Baby magazines that I either got in the mail, got from Babies R Us, got from my OB's office, or got through trading other random coupons and gift cards (like Kohl's and Starbucks) on the Baby Cheapskate Facebook page.

Absurd, I know!!

I know it's hard to see it all, but there is: iPlay sunhat, Booginhead pacifier holder, Munchkin dishwasher basket, 60 Lansinoh breast pads, Green Sprouts stacking cups, Vulli chan pie gnon toy, outlet covers + remover, waterproof organic crib pad, Lansinoh breast pump, Bumbo tray, changing pad, Thirsties diaper inserts, 12 Gerber cloth diapers (burp cloths), puppy pop-up hamper, and 3 Sprouts crocodile wall organizer. Pheweeee, that's a lot of stuff.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

$15 off $15 on Totsy

Totsy has issued a code for $15 off a $15 order. 15CREDIT is the code. The code does work toward shipping, which is $7.95(!), so if you can find something on the cheaper side, you can get a pretty good deal. I am considering purchasing a Safari Ltd. tube of animals. They cost $12.35, so add shipping, subtract $15, and I will pay $5.30. I think that is a fair deal for a great Easter basket item ;D

Totsy has kind of a bad reputation currently, especially for long shipping times. I have only made one order with them before, and yes, it took over a month to get my stuff. However when I did get my items (Zutano clothing) they were perfect. I will say it was around xmas time so I expected a back-up on shipping, but still a month is pretty absurd. However, they did randomly issue me a $5 credit as an apology (even though I didn't complain), which was nice. Just be warned, you will not be charged until your item ships, so don't forget and take that money out of the bank. That's how I got burned last time...

I have heard rumors that Totsy is under new management, and maybe this credit is their way of getting new customers and getting old customers to give them another try, to show that they have cleaned up their act. We will see. I want to give them the benefit of a doubt.

They have some really cute stuff, so I'm sure you can find something you like!

Another note: they plant a tree for every order!


Yesterday Penny and I took a trip to Babies R Us to chase coupons. They have free American Baby magazines there that have the coveted Amazon coupon codes inside. Unfortch, the March issue doesn't have any, but there were 9 Feb issues left, and I grabbed them all. I figure Feb is gone, so it's safe to snag. All of the coupons I got were 20% off a diaper order (YJs if you are hip to the lingo). I don't need anymore diapers at.all. so I went to Baby Cheapskate's Facebook page and traded all my 20% codes for $10 off Amazon baby department codes (5Js). I also had a few other $10s that I have gotten trading formula checks (I finally found a way to put those to use!). I also traded a $10 Starbucks gift card that I got for free on my Birthday. So needless to say, I have been slinging Amazon orders like a nutball. It's like a drug. I ran out of codes this morning, but I am hoping to score some more at my OBs office tomorrow morning (never have I looked forward to a Doc appt. so much. haha). Anyways, once all my loot arrives (I suspect I will have about 14 boxes on my doorstep tomorrow), I will take some pictures and make a "brag post". haha.