Monday, December 14, 2009

Old Navy Deal

If you buy something at Old Navy right now they will give you a coupon to use for 20% off gift cards from Dec. 18 to Dec. 24. My genius idea is to go buy something really cheap, like a clearance item, to get the coupon. Then go back and buy a gift certificate with the coupon (you can use it for up to $300 in gcs). So there you are saving 20% right off the bat. Then use the gift card later tobuy merchandise and ALSO use a coupon at that time (they release Qs all the time on their website and sometimes in ads in newspapers). I find 20% and 30% off Qs all the time. So, in theory, if you could find a 30% coupon to use later, you could end up saving 50% (the original 20% + the 30% Q) on future merchandise.
If you are a frequent Old Navy shopper, this is totally worth it! Since gift cards don't expire soon like coupons do, you can hold on to it as long as you need to in order to maximize your deal. Maybe you could even use it to buy school clothes for your kids this coming fall.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Hello, Adult Freebie!


Grab on to your girdles ladies and gents b/c I have just come across a fantastic freebie that is sure to knock your socks off (and your boots together!)

This "adult accessories" website, Tickle, is giving away free $25 gift certificates right now. This means free or close to free naughty swag! They also carry aromatherapy candles and stuff for you prudes out there ;D

The gift certificate code will be emailed to you so you can use it right away!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Cheap Robeez!

Robeez has holiday shoes on sale for $12.99 with free shipping right now (while supplies last!) That's a great deal on some normally very expensive baby shoes. I can attest to the quality of these shoes. Penny wore hers out all over Europe when she was learning how to walk. They are so great for early walkers because they can feel the ground really well in these soft shoes.