Saturday, March 5, 2011

Babysteals and Hautelook

There are a couple of deals on the daily-deal sites I want to highlight today.

Babysteals has Livie and Luca shoes for kids for about 45% off. These shoes are really pricey usually, so whenever they come up on a deals site I get really excited. Penny has 2 pairs of them and I am totally in love with this brand. If you want some, act fast b/c stuff on Babysteals never lasts very long. I am so in love with the mushroom shoes above, but every time they come up on a deals site, they are sold out before I can get them!

Hautelook has Kate Quinn Organics clothing, for babies and toddlers, for 50% off. This brand is fantastic quality and really adorable. Penny has a couple of things from this brand as well and they are lovely on her. The regular prices are $$$, so this is a good opportunity to get some at a more reasonable level.

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