Thursday, March 3, 2011

$15 off $15 on Totsy

Totsy has issued a code for $15 off a $15 order. 15CREDIT is the code. The code does work toward shipping, which is $7.95(!), so if you can find something on the cheaper side, you can get a pretty good deal. I am considering purchasing a Safari Ltd. tube of animals. They cost $12.35, so add shipping, subtract $15, and I will pay $5.30. I think that is a fair deal for a great Easter basket item ;D

Totsy has kind of a bad reputation currently, especially for long shipping times. I have only made one order with them before, and yes, it took over a month to get my stuff. However when I did get my items (Zutano clothing) they were perfect. I will say it was around xmas time so I expected a back-up on shipping, but still a month is pretty absurd. However, they did randomly issue me a $5 credit as an apology (even though I didn't complain), which was nice. Just be warned, you will not be charged until your item ships, so don't forget and take that money out of the bank. That's how I got burned last time...

I have heard rumors that Totsy is under new management, and maybe this credit is their way of getting new customers and getting old customers to give them another try, to show that they have cleaned up their act. We will see. I want to give them the benefit of a doubt.

They have some really cute stuff, so I'm sure you can find something you like!

Another note: they plant a tree for every order!

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  1. I got a canvas lunchbag, it was -$.70 ( :

    Its kind of a cheesy owl but for free its cure enough! Could make a cute gift.