Thursday, July 29, 2010

75% off toys at Target

Target is having their annual clearance toy blow-out right now (which happens the last week in July every year!). Plus there are lots of baby + children's clothes on clearance, and a great shoe clearance.

I got children's shoes for $3.74. A Paul Frank t-shirt for $1.98. And about a zillion toys for under $5 ea. I wanted to take pictures of my loot for you all, but I just hid it away in the closet as soon as Penny went to sleep and I don't want to mess with it now. Tooooo tired. But just take my word for it, it was an awesome haul!!

Most of the signs say 30% off, but if you actually look at the tags, things are 75% off. You have to really walk through each aisle of toys and keep your eyes peeled for the little red stickers. Today was the first day of the mark-downs I believe, so there was still a lot of stuff at around 7pm when I was there. By tomorrow I doubt there will be as much, but it will probably be your last chance to get many of the best deals b/c by the end of tomorrow I am betting everything will be totally picked through.

Take care of Xmas gifts now and be done with it!


  1. I am so bad. I can't hold on to stuff until Christmas. hahah I was going to buy Bea birthday gifts, but I just get so excited I give it to them early. hahah

  2. You know what I would absolutely love to see from you? A general grocery shopping list. I love seeing how people can live a healthy life style on a strict budget. It is so easy for me to cave into buying crap when it is free or close to it. If I could get an idea of how someone like you can shop for healthy, basic food that a family lives on for a week on a strict budget that would help me more than anything!! I know it's not easy to do this stuff, so no biggie if you can't get around to it! I appreciate all your blog post!

  3. Ash - Okay, I will post my last big trip I took to Kroger so you can get an idea of what I do. It is from the Mega Event.
    I can't say that I am extra awesome all the time at getting cheap healthy groceries, but I do the best I can. A lot of times it comes down to just weighing the pros and cons for each item. Buy the "dirty dozen" organic and the rest non-organic, always look for clearance mark-downs on natural foods, know what produce is on sale, etc.