Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Clearance at TRU/BRU

I had to buy a Birthday present for a 5 year old the other day. I had a $5 off any purchase coupon I got in the mail from Toys R Us, so I headed out to find a good deal. Turns out this week they are having a huge and awesome sale. All clearance stuff is an extra 25% off, and there are great specials on tons of other things (including Melissa and Doug art stuff, Crayola markers, dress-up clothes, on and on - b1g1 and b1g1 50%). TRU clearance is a little tricky b/c it is not all in one place. You have to walk all over the store and keep your eyes peeled for little clearance tags by things. I didn't have my camera with me or I would have taken some example pics.

Anywho, my favorite find was a set of 5 flocked horse figurines for $4.95. This is a really nice set. I would like to go back and get some more to keep in the gift closet b/c they make great gifts for many ages of children and for both sexes. I got an extra set to save for Xmas. I don't remember what the original price was on these, but I think it was at least $15.

I also saw that some of the the clearance on natural cleaning and hygiene products is still there. I happened to have a few Kiss My Face 1.50/1 product coupons with me, so I grabbed 3 kid's toothpastes. They rang up $1.29 so after coupons they were FREE! AND I got the overage from the coupons, so I actually got an extra .63 off of the toys I bought!

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