Friday, July 9, 2010

CVS trip 7/9

Today I realized I needed 3 things: diapers (we use disposables at night and on long adventures out of the house), baby Motrin, and cow milk. I checked around the interwebz to see where I could get a good deal on any of these things. I saw that CVS has a current deal on Pampers. Buy a large box for $19.99 and get 3 ECBs. I also had a $3 MFQ from Vocalpoint. So I ventured out.

Of course I hit up the magic coupon machine when I first got in there and got some fantastic coupons. I got a $4.50/1 box of Pampers (awesome!), .50 off Milky Way bar, $2 ECBs, and some others.

I made 2 transactions to get a lower OOP.

1 Box of Pampers Baby Dry (82 ct.) @ $19.99 - used $3/1 MFQ and $4.50/1 CVS Q = $12.49 +got 3 ECBs

OOP = $13.79
Net = $10.79

1 Milky Way @.50 (on sale!) - used .50/1 CVS Q = FREE
1 Green & Black bar @ $2.61 (clearance)
2 boxes Raisinets @ $2/3 (I thought the sign said $2/2!!) - I just wanted these!
1 pack paintbrushes @ $1 - these are really fun pool toys
1 CVS brand children's Ibuprofen @ $4.99
1 gallon milk @ $2.19 (sale)

-used $5 ECBs
OOP = $9.13

Total OOP = $19.92
Not bad considering the price of the diapers alone would have been more than that if I'd paid full price ;D


  1. This is good to know, I need to buy diapers for Robin tomorrow and we have a $3 MFQ too. Wish we had a CVS that wasn't 20 min away :P.

  2. That is too bad b/c CVS is the shit! Just know that I can't guarantee you will get the same Q from the magic coupon machine that I did. They are a bit random, but usually if you scan your card multiple times, you have a pretty good chance.

  3. Awesome Job Momma!!! Do you go to the Y baby pool?

    Thanks for the tidbit on scanning your card more than once at the Q machine...didn't think of that!

  4. Yeah we do go to the Y. You a member too?