Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How to get a deal on contacts

I always buy contacts every summer because I cannot stand to wear my glasses in the sweaty heat, plus they are super inconvenient for swimming and going to the beach. And I want to wear sunglasses! So I thought I would share the best deal I found for buying contacts.

The brand I bought is Focus Dailies. There are cheaper brands out there, but this is what works best for my eyes. I looked around for the best price and found that at Vision Direct.

I searched Ebates, and low and behold, they offer 8% cash back from Vision Direct! So I clicked through.

I bought 8 boxes in order to get the bulk discount price of $31.74 per box. This saved me $26.

Then I used coupon code NEWVISION15 for 15% off my first order. This saved me about $44. They currently advertise this code on their site, but there are a lot of other codes out there too. I found a bunch on Coupon Cabin.

Shipping is free on orders over $99.

And there is a $40 rebate for this brand if you buy 8 boxes.


I saved $70.09 with bulk discount and coupon code.
I spent $252.82 (on my HSA account, so pre-taxed!)
Will get back a $40 rebate and $20.23 back from Ebates.
Net cost = $192.59

These would have cost me at least $350 (probably more) in my eye doctor's office!!
Moral of the story: just a little bit of googling and research can save you hundreds of dollars.

Disclaimer: I have heard that sometimes when you use coupon codes after clicking through Ebates, sometimes you won't get your cash back. That would be disappointing, but it's still certainly worth giving it a try. As always, YMMV. I will try to update on whether I get my cash back or not.

ETA: I just got my cash back from Ebates! $19.99!!

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