Friday, April 23, 2010

30% off GroBaby diapers!!

I have been oggling these diapers ever since I first saw them. If my daughter was younger, I would definitely take advantage of this deal. But at this point I would rather her be potty-trained than wearing a new diaper...
Anyways, the wonderful natural parenting online boutique, Franklin Goose, has all GroBaby products for 30% off right now. This is an amazing deal b/c you will almost NEVER see these for less than SRP. The Gro Baby Shell Set is $17.47, down from $24.95! (Add it to your cart to see the discounted price). I am so excited to share this deal with those of you with young babies in cloth!

It would be even more awesome if you took advantage of last month's promotion to get $5 credit for every product review. I have $80 in credits sitting around waiting to use for xmas gifts this year.

1 comment:

  1. these diapers are great! chloe has quite a few. i just got some at 25% off!