Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kmart 4/4

I hit up Kmart doubles on Sunday. I took Jon with me so we could use more than 5 Qs. I didn't have much time to plan though.

Pampers $9.99 - used $2/1 = $5.99
Softscrub $2.99 - used $1.50/1 = FREE
Emery Board $3.59
Nail clippers $2.49 - B1G1 50% off = $1.25 (I actually didn't know I got this discount until I looked at my receipt) - used $1/1 = .25
Tweezers $2.29 - used $1/1 = .29
Tweezers $2.29 - B1G1 50% off - used $1/1 = .15
Lacross Nail Clippers $1.69 - see below = FREE
Lacross Toenail clippers $1.99 - used $2/$4 Lacross purchase = FREE
Olay lotion $5.84 - used $1/1 = $3.84 - will submit MIR and recieve $5.84 back

OOP = $6.86
Net = $1.02

Things got a little screwy though. I am actually just now realizing this as I examine the receipt: I didn't have a $4 Lacross purchase, but the $2/$4 Q scanned w/out beeping, however it did not double. I thought I had a $4 purchase because all of the tweezers and clippers were a total mess and it was hard to match things up with the correct prices. Actually I had no idea the emery boards werw $3.59, or I wouldn't have bought them, but since I ended up getting the $2/$4 Q, things evened out. I did go to the service desk and got my $2 back when my coupon didn't double (even though I had asked the cashier at the time if it had doubled and she said yes).
A big confusing mess. Moral of the story: always check your receipt before you leave the store AND never expect Kmart to be an easy shopping experience...

However, I did win a roll of papertowels from my Kmart Rewards Card -- but I didn't cash in for it yet b/c by the time I was done with the service desk and going through all that hassle for such a small transaction, I was annoyed and didn't want to stay in the store any longer than I had to. I plan on making another trip this week to see what else I can get. Hopefully the second round is a lot smoother.

P.S. If you are wondering why I need so many tweezers and clippers, I don't. I will be selling them in my yard sale soon.

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