Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Target 4/13

I scored some great deals at Target today, even with the accompaniment of a tantrum-throwing toddler!

Annie's Bunny Crackers @ $1.99 - on sale
Bear Naked granola @ $3.79 - used $1/1 printable = $2.79
Chocolate Silk soymilk @ $2.69 - used .75/1 MFQ = $1.94

Queen size bed pillow @ $4.04 - used $1.50/1 Target printable = $2.54
Circo kid's sheet set@ 13.99 - used 20%/1 Target printable = $11.19

6 pack kids tumblers @ $1.38 - clearance
6 pack kids bowls @ $1.38 - clearance

Solar walk-way light @ $3.00 - used $2/1 Target printable = $1.00

Dollar spot:
box of Brawny sandwich bags @ 1.00 - dollar spot
beach towel @ $2.50 - used $1/1 Target printable = .50
set of 4 bamboo placemats @ $2.50 (I hang these on the wall and hang my earrings on them)

A&D Ointment @ $3.94 - used $2/1 Target Q (from mailer) and $1/1 MFQ from Parent's Mag (I think) = .99
California Baby bug repellent @ $12.99 - used $1/1 = $11.99 (you don't really find much better deals on this stuff, sadly)

-My store was all out of the Kandoo travel wipes which would have been .65 after MFQ
-Also, Huggies wipes are on sale for $1.66 this week, so if you have any Qs for that, this is a good time to use them. I didn't have any on me today.

*I only bought the A&D because I thought I had read the price as $2.99, so I thought I was getting it for free after Qs, but apparently it either rang up wrong or I read the price wrong. I have to go back to return some clothes, so I will double-check the price then. I might return it and get my dollar back b/c I really don't need this (was going to give it away or sell it in my yard sale), but if I did need it, this would be a great price on it...

All of those Target printables came from HERE although some of them may no longer be available. Remember, you can stack Target store Qs with Manufacturer Qs to get excellent savings!

ETA: I took the A&D back to the store. The employee looked at my receipt and said the ointment did ring up at the sale price of $2.99, but apparently my cashier rang my $2 Q, but not my $1 one. Since I had no way to prove that I had given the coupon, I just went ahead and got a refund. However, if you happen to have the Target mailer Q and the MFQ from the newspaper, you can get free A&D right now. Just make sure they scan both of your coupons!


  1. You can get Kandoo wipes at Kroger (regular size) for 1.97. Use your coupon and get it for .97!!!