Saturday, April 17, 2010

Payless BOGO + 20% off (+ 8% cash back)

I went to Payless today to get my little sister some new tap and ballet shoes (her feet grow so fast!!) and I was psyched b/c I know they are having a BOGO sale right now and that is about the only way you will ever get a sale on dance shoes. I still had one of those 20% Catalina coupons that I blogged about a couple weeks ago. I used that on the shoes that were full price. So I got one pair for 20% off and one for 50% off. Nice, eh?

My point in posting this is really to let you all know, in case you didn't already, that you can use a coupon along with the BOGO sale, but it will only apply to the full price pairs that you buy. I just figured this might be a little known fact. On the coupon it does say that it isn't valid with any other offers, but apparently a BOGO sale doesn't count for that. However, the BOGO sale does count for clearance merchandise (I'm not sure if the coupon does, but probably).

Also,if you don't have any coupons, but if you have AAA membership, show them your card and get 10% off. (however, this doesn't apply to dance shoes for some reason).

AND if you give Payless your phone number while you are there, you will get text messages with coupons in them. I got a 20% off one a week ago.

OR if you want to shop online, the BOGO sale applies, and you can use the code 31491 for 20% off (through today). You will have to pay $5.95 shipping, but you can make up for that by shopping through ShopAtHome for 8% cash back!

BTW, Payless does carry organic shoes from Zoe and Zac!


  1. I wish we could use that 20% and AAA discount at the same time!!! I got JoJo some soccer cleats and a pair of Airwalks for $22.00!!!! WE ROCK GIRL:)

  2. That is awesome! Too bad i didn't know this earlier. It doesn't hurt to go and get the kids a new pair of shoes :D