Monday, April 5, 2010

Free Shipping on Preserve

I love my Preserve toothbrushes! They are simple, effective, and good for the environment because they are made from recycled yogurt cups. Even better, when you are done using them, you can send them back to the company and they will recycle them for you! And at $2.79 per brush, the price is not bad either!
Preserve has released a coupon code for free shipping on any order (through April 30): EarthMonthFS

You can find Preserve products at various retailers, including Target and Kroger, but if you would rather have the products delivered right to your door, this is for you. Plus, you can use the subscription feature so you don't have to remember to buy new toothbrushes when they wear out, they will just come to you automatically.

Preserve has many other great products too, such as razors and kitchen ware.

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