Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Free Lightbulb Update

Remember a while ago when I posted about getting a coupon in the mail from Duke Energy for a free pack of CFLs at Wal-mart?
Well, it was reported that Wally's was constantly out of the specific pack that the coupon was for, and it was pretty much a bust. I investigated the situation myself (risking my life to go into the mouth of hell!) and found that to be the truth.
Today I got a postcard in the mail telling me that the expiration date on the Q has been extended and it is now valid on a few different types of CFL packages. So, everyone rejoice, we may just get our free lightbulbs yet! However, I am still dreading the trip to WM!

Keep an eye on your mailbox for this postcard and don't throw it away because I wouldn't be surprised if you went to WM and tried to use the Q and they tell you it is expired. Then you can whip out the ol' postcard and tell them what's what.

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