Friday, March 26, 2010

Payless sale + coupon

Penny and I stopped by Payless today because she needed some sandals and I was hoping to find some cheapies. Her silver gladiators we got there last year were a big hit. Turns out they are having an Easter sale, so pretty much all sandals and other cute things are on sale. We found a pair we liked (although Penny I think would have rather had the Dora ones even though she has never watched the show! but they had lights on them, so...) for $9.99 down from $14.99. On top of that I used my AAA discount of 10% (if you belong to AAA, I urge you to pay attention to all the neat little discounts you can get all over the place), so in the end I paid $9.43. I was pretty pleased with this deal.


We went to Kroger for groceries, and lo and behold, we ring out, and out prints a Catalina coupon for 20% off at Payless. How annoying is that!! I could have saved another dollar!! (How do you know you are a crazy coupon queen? when the fact that you got "cheated" out of $1 plagues you for the rest of the night).

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