Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Saturday was a good day for mail

In my mailbox on Saturday!
A coupon from Duke Energy for a free 6 pk. of CFLs at Wal-mart (sucks that I will have to step foot in Wal-mart to use this though!)
A coupon for a Free Yoplait Greek Yogurt from Pssst! Plus a bunch of .35/1 Qs that will double at Kroger and probably make for some very cheap yogurt.
Also, in the background you see an issue of Babytalk, for which I have a free subscription.


  1. Beware of Walmart coupon, my mother took me along to redeem this and they were sold out and it was even Tuesday during the earlier daytime! I asked a worker and he said it's been happening a lot. Note worthy fine print is 6pack of 13 watts, NOT redeemable for anything but this specific quantity and wattage. For it being Walmart, we don't plan on trying another go at it.

  2. You know what's strange? I received that free greek yogurt coupon from Pssst! too, but my coupons for my friends were $.50/1 (which I thought was awesome for Kroger doubling purposes.) I wonder why they sent different amounts to different people?

  3. Kate - thanks for the head's up. Though, I am not at all surprised that Wal-mart doesn't have its ducks in a row for this. I like to refer to that place as the mouth of hell, and I really only go in there if something awesome is going to be free, and even then, it gives me an ulcer.

    Kisha - That is weird! Maybe it's a regional thing?