Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wags 3/29

Penny has an ear infection, so we had to go to Wags to pick up her prescription. In hindsight, I wish I would have had the Rx sent to Kroger so we could get 50 fuel reward points (earlier this month we got a bunch for Rx for my wisdom teeth operation + infection and I got gas for $2.12 a gallon a few days ago b/c of that!) But anyways, while we were waiting on the Rx we wandered around in the Easter aisle and they had a ton of stuff clearanced out already!

Giant bottle of bubbles - $3
2 Kleenex - $2.29 for both - used B1G1 Wags in-ad Q - I got the lotion tissues for Penny's poor little nose.
Egg dying kit - .66 (saving this for next year)
Chocolate bunny - .99
Peeps - .52
3 Easter tumblers - .13 ea. w/in-ad Q *only 2 shown
Easter sticker book - .50

OOP = $8.75
I dunno how much I saved exactly, but it was a bunch.

BTW, I didn't have my MFQs with me, but I noticed a bunch of Easter candy on clearance that I know there are coupons for, like Sweettarts and Reese's, so if you have those coupons, go get some cheap candy.

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