Thursday, January 6, 2011

Kroger 1/6

Pen and I had to make a quick trip to Kroger today b/c we needed a few things for dinner, etc. I let her use one of those little kid carts and people were just freaking out over how cute she looked pushing the thing. haha. I wish I'd had my camera on me. She was so helpful and sweet the whole time.
Anywho, here's what we got:

3 Hunt's Snack packs @ $1 ea. - used .60/3 MFQ (from All You) and it dbls to $1 = .67 ea.
4 Kashi Crisp cereal @ $1.99 ea. (after the $4 off if you buy 4) - used (1) $3/1 MFQ and (3) $1/1 MFQs from Vocal Point = .49 ea.
1 Chocolate Silk 1/2 gallon (not pictured) @ $2.99 - used $2/1 MFQ (from ebay) = .99
1 clove garlic @ .34
bananas @ .65
organic apples @ $2.99/bag - used $3 off produce wyb 3 Kashi products (peelie) = FREE
mushrooms @ $1.95
2 cans Kroger spinach @ .65 ea.
1 Horizons organic box of Tuberz yogurt @ $1.69 (clearance)
2 Softsoap @ .88 ea. - used (2) .35/1 MFQs = .18 ea.
Buitoni parmesan @ $3.69
Watermelon cup @ $2.63 (this was Penny's "impulse buy" haha)

OOP = $18.92

Saved $26.62 aka 58%!!


  1. Jaz, have you thought about doing a produce delivery service? YOu can do it every week or every other week and it seems pretty awesome. I was thinking about doing and it's $35 minimum, but with that you can either get a small produce bin (which looks like a lot of produce) OR you can get a small bin with some groceries. Oh, it's all organic, but you can get organic chicken, milk, bread bulk things like grains, flours, noodles, etc. and you just have to meet the minimum of $35. I was thinking about it because if those things are taken care of, I would only really need to go to the grocery for things like commercial cereal and soft drinks, which would make me think twice about going to the grocery weekly at all.

    Anyway. Thoughts?

  2. Yeah, actually I have had several deliveries from GreenBean over the past year. I have found that we don't use the produce fast enough and some of it ends up going bad. Also, I always forget to customize my box and end up with stuff I hate (collard greens!) or don't know what to do with. It's nice when we get things like apples and bananas, but we never get enough of those things. I have to go to the store just for bananas like every couple of days. So even with the bin I still have to go to the store for produce, so it kind of defeats the purpose. I have also gotten milk and stuff in my box, but the milk is like $4.25 for a half gallon, and I can get much better prices on organic milk at Kroger. So overall I have found it to not be a very helpful service for us...