Friday, January 1, 2010

Cheap baby food and snacks!

Amazon now has baby food and snacks on subscribe and save. The prices are already good on these items, but now you can save 15% more if you subscribe to have it delivered every x amount of months. And you can go in and end your subscription at any time, even after your first order. Plus they usually send you an email before your next shipment to make sure you still want it and then you can either unsubscribe or change the shipment date if you want to.

I found Earth's Best Crunchin' Crackers on there for about $13 for 6 boxes. These are usually $3.99 a box at Kroger, and you rarely find coupons for them. That makes them about $2.16 ea. on Amazon. That's a good deal, especially for organic! I also found Earth's Best apple juice boxes 44 count which came out to be about .5 per box. I usually by Junior Juice by Hansen's juice boxes at Kroger which run .25 per box, so Amazon is a much better deal!

The only problem with ordering these things on Amazon is that you have to order in bulk, the amount depends on how many are packaged together, so like I said 6 boxes of crackers, or 44 juice boxes, so it is only a good deal to buy it if you know you will for sure use them all. But I don't see my lil' one not eating crackers and drinking apple juice anytime soon.

Also myfrugaladventures has the scoop on how to get Amazon Prime for 3 months for $1 right now! That means free 2-day shipping in all Amazon orders!!

PS I want to add that you can find great deals for all kinds of things with subscribe and save on Amazon, but I am featuring baby food because it is a newly added product to the program.

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