Thursday, January 14, 2010

Organic Kids' Clothing for Cheaper

My first conscious consumer post for your pleasure:

Lately, I have been reading a lot about how cotton is grown and manufactured. I have learned that it is not a very pretty picture. It is the most pesticide-drenched crop out there, and it has all kinds of bad environmental impacts. I am not an expert on the subject, but all you have to do is google "why organic cotton" or something like that and you will get tons of sites that explain all about it. I will link a few at the end of this post. So anyways, reading about all of this makes me think twice about buying non-organic cotton. It is somewhat unavoidable due to the cost of organic cotton products being way more expensive, but I would like to add a few organic pieces to my wardrobe once in a while, in hopes of one day having a good majority.
It takes some searching to find fashionable organic clothes for adults, but one thing is for sure, there is no shortage of adorable organic cotton, bamboo, and even soy children's clothing. Of course, a lot of it is prohibitively expensive, but one thing I have discovered is that you just need to keep your eyes peeled, and things inevitably go on sale, especially when they are off-season. Even on sale, some of these clothes are still a bit pricey, but it is certainly better than full price, and most of them are so simple that they will go with almost anything, so you get a lot of wear for your buck (until the kid grows up a size of course). After reading, "The fact that babies are smaller means they absorb more pesticides per pound of body weight than adults. The bottom line is toxins stay in their systems longer and can have more impact than fully developed adults" (wikipedia: organic baby products) it sounds worth some extra money.

Kicky Pants is a company that sells baby and toddler clothes made of organic bamboo, which is a fabric with amazing temperature regulation qualities, and is incredibly soft. I went to their site and lo and behold, they have a bunch of off-season stuff on sale 50% off right now! Check it out!!

Another one of my favorite organic cotton retailers is one I have mentioned before. Happy Green Bee has sales sometimes, but one thing that is awesome is that they have a factory store on their website which has small amounts of items for very cheap which are changing all the time. We are talking numbers like 80% off.

Shipping is reasonable on both sites.

I will update more sales like this as I see them.

Wikipedia about organic cotton:

Of course, these sites are going to be biased, but the facts are generally the same on any site I've seen. As always, don't trust someone else, do your own research.


  1. has a lot of organic clothing for cheap! Its wholesale so you can get baby shirts/onesies for about $4 a piece.

  2. Awesome, thanks!!
    Do you follow any kind of self-invented policy on purchasing clothing? I know you shop at garage sales and thrift stores a lot, but when you buy new do you follow any guidelines? Just curious b/c I know you are a conscious consumer ;D

  3. This is a way old post to comment on, but I wanted to throw in a plug for Basic Brilliance. I am in the livejournal co-op community (lj-coop) and if you order in bulk, you can get great deals on organic kids' clothing.