Friday, January 15, 2010

Simple Sale

Simple shoes has sales really often. Right now they have a few men's and women's shoes 50% off. All Simple shoes are made from materials such as organic cotton, bamboo, and recycled car tires. They are dedicated to a sustainable business model, and they have great products!
I signed up for their email list a while ago and I can attest that they don't spam you with tons of emails, but you do find out about their sales, which they have often.
I keep waiting for the toddler poodle shoes to go on sale b/c they are so cute!
Also, you can go to Shop at Home and search "simple shoes". If you shop through there, you will get a big ol' 9% back as a rebate! I think you get a $5 bonus when you first sign up too.


  1. I thought I'd visit and take a peek and there were the flips I love to wear. So I got a pair of the Wisconsin ones because they look less like a college spirit shoe. $14 and some change with free shipping, btw. thanks!