Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Land's End 30% off + free shipping!

I saw this deal on Hip2Save and I generally try not to just copy deals off other blogs unless I happened to also find them myself through other venues, but this is a really great deal, so I am going to share it. But just notice I gave credit where credit is due ;D

Right now you can get 30% off + free shipping on anything from Land's End. There is a ton of clearance and you can find some amazing deals there.

The coupon code is SAVE and the pin is 1823. I have no idea when this coupon code expires.

These lunchboxes end up being $3.49 + tax after the coupon code.

And there are also loads of other luggage things on sale, such as little backpacks for 5 - 7 year olds that come out to be $4.88. The "girl colors" are a little bit higher, at around $6.77. But I'd say that is a fantabulous price for a quality book bag!

Shop for Ebates for 6% cash back!

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