Monday, April 4, 2011

where the money went this weekend

I like doing "how we spent our money" updates about the weekend because I find that weekends can turn into a real money pit if you let them. Of course you want to do fun things to entertain yourself and your family when you have the time to do it, and you can get swept up in the excitement of the fun times and forget about the money you are spending to have said fun. So my mission is to try to be conscious of the money we spend on entertainment on the weekends without letting it ruin our fun.

Saturday we decided that we really wanted to eat some authentic Mexican food, as it is one of our faves, so I went searching around in my coupons and came up with a B1G1 dinner (up to $9) from my Entertainment Book, for a restaurant called Los Panchos (on Colerain ave.). We checked reviews online and everything sounded good, so we gave it a go. The food was super delicious and hit the spot! Jon and I had your traditional Mexican fare and Penny had a hamburger (toddlers...) and after the coupon, which subtracted $8.25, our bill came out to be $13.31 + tip. Not bad for feeding a family of 3 and enjoying a nice dinner out.

On gorgeous Sunday we spent hours at, in my opinion, one of the best playgrounds this city has to offer: The Land of Make Believe playground at Lunken Airport Playfield. This playground is HUGE and has many different levels of play for kids of all ages. Penny had just as much fun here, at a free playground, as she does at some places that we pay to play at. After wearing ourselves out there, we made an ice cream stop at UDF and spent about $6.50. (Well, I also spent $3.50 on my two newspapers there). Then we came home and played in the yard and took walks up our street until the sun went down.

Not counting the gas it took us to get to these places, our total weekend fun cost us around $23. Not too shabby.

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