Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bigg's 8/12

Today I stopped by Bigg's to take advantage of the $25 Kraft rebate. I got:

4 Planters trailmix
1 California pizza for one
2 Kraft shredded cheddar
1 Kraft cheddar snacks (indiv. wrapped cheese blocks)
2 Kraft American cheese singles
1 Digiorno pizza
2 Philly cream cheese tubs

Total was $25.94
I used $7.50 in MFQs
OOP = 18.44

However, the rebate did not print out at the end of my receipts for some reason, so I went to the customer service desk and the lady there oculdn't figure out the problem in a few minutes, so she just gave me a $25 gift card. I will just use this on a second go at the rebate and really be maximizing my dollars! Basically I spent 18.44 and will be getting back $50 ($30 in groceries, which you know will be a lot of groceries once I add coupons, $20 on a prepaid Visa card from the rebate)!
Coincidentally, the same thing happened to my friend's dad, and he will also be trying for the rebate again, using his gift card as payment.
Moral of the story: Bigg's has great customer service! Now if only they would double coupons everyday!

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