Saturday, August 22, 2009

Praise Aldi

I haven't been doing too much food shopping lately b/c we had plenty in the stockpile, and then we were out of town for 4 days, so I have been a little behind on things. The only things I bought were produce, and we all know that is something that is hard to find coupons for!
But I finally needed to get some necessities and went to Aldi b/c I know it is an easy place to shop and get great deals without having to organize very much beforehand.
I just want to take a moment to praise all that is Aldi. That place is fan friggin tastic! I can go in there and wander around without a list and buy all kinds of stuff I didn't plan on, and still come out basically unscathed in the wallet department.

Here's what I got:
Hot dog buns .79
Bag of mini bagels 1.89
Fudge stripe cookies 1.09
Bag of frozen salmon patties (4 filets, wild-caught) 3.99
2 bags of deli-sliced cheese (muenster and colby) 1.49 ea.
Real fruit frozen bars (box of 4) 1.99
Multi-grain frozen waffles (box of 8) 1.29
Red grapes (a damn lot of them, and really good ones too!) 2.29
4 pears (pre-packaged) .99
Broccoli crowns (pre-pack) 1.29
3 Zucchinis (pre-pack) 1.29
Bananas (pre-pack) 1.00
64oz 100% apple juice 1.29
Welch's aqua juice 1.99
Gallon skim milk 1.44
100% juice fruit punch 2.19
1 plum .33

Total: $28.12

And also I want to give props to them for an extremely readable receipt!
Seriously folks, if you don't have time/energy/desire/organization skills/etc. to put up with the coupon game, just go to Aldi. You will still get a bag of quality groceries without feeling cheated!

That same day I also stopped in at Kmart and took advantage of double coupons to get Huggies wipes for 1.99, Pampers for 7.99, and a tub of Oxiclean for 4.50. Not the best deals on the planet, but still pretty alright.

Tomorrow I will be making my way to Bigg's for my 2nd try at the Kraft rebate (it ends tomorrow btw!), and maybe heading over to Kroger for a quick tap into the mega-sale b/c I haven't even touched it yet...

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