Friday, July 10, 2009

.50 Electrasol at Meijer starts Sunday

Heads up folks! In this Sunday's paper there will be a $2.50/1 Q which paired with Meijer's sale starting Sunday for Electrasol for $3 a box, makes each box only .50 each after Qs! Now that is a stock up price! This product usually runs about $6 a box!!
Last time this Q and sale match-up came around, I only had enough for 4 boxes. This time I am going to make sure to either buy more papers, or buy some extra Qs on Ebay or a coupon clipping site.
Does "buying" coupons sound crazy to you? No worries, it did to me too at first. But I have now learned that purchasing coupons can actually be a vital tool in the couponer's arsenal. You can buy bunches of 10 or 20 Qs for a dollar or two on Ebay and sites like Coupons by Dede. You can even buy whole inserts (what they call the coupon books stuffed in newspapers) if you want. It can still be very economical to do this b/c the coupons will tend to save you waaay more than the couple of dollars spent procuring them. And sometimes it is better than buying many multiple Sunday papers yourself b/c there are times when there are only a few Qs that you will actually use out of an insert one week, so you are better off just spending the $1.75 on a bundle of 20 Qs you will definitely use, rather than on a whole paper with only a few Qs you will use. Make sense?
And while I am on the subject of buying Qs on Ebay, I should also direct you to a site called Ebates where you can make money back on your online purchases. Everytime you want to shop Ebay, start your venture through the Ebates site and you will earn 3% back on all your Ebay purchases. Yeah, 3% of $2 is not much, but it adds up. And if you are like me, you buy a lot more than just coupons on Ebay, especially around Christmas time. Oh, and Ebates has a ton of other sites where you can earn higher percentages back as well.
It's all about stretching that dollar like a rubberband!

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