Wednesday, July 8, 2009

rookie mistakes

My Target trip today was one of those times I end up kicking myself for making dumb mistakes that end up w/me paying more than I had planned for things.

I had 2 b1g1 Target Qs that said "only one per transaction" on them, but I figured it didn't matter b/c I had used 2 Qs that said this before w/no problem. I guess b/c it was B1G1, the register actually gave a crap. So my 2nd Q beeped and wouldn't go thru. Normally I would have just taken the offending items off then and there and re-did the whole thing, but it was busy and people were lining up behind me quickly, and I so hate being "that guy", so I just paid. Jon was with me and convinced me to turn around and return the full-price box of cereal and use the remaining B1G1 Q to get 2 more boxes. So I did. In the end, I paid .90 a box for 5 boxes of Kashi cereal which is usually $3.69 a box, so I really can't complain.
My real point in saying all this is that you know you have a real coupon obsession/problem when you let the fact that you would have gotten 4 boxes of cereal for .33 each, but instead got 5 for .90 each REALLY bother you and eat away at you all day. It's dumb b/c really, .90 a box is still an insanely good price on some fancy-ass cereal. But I am still irked...
However, I learned a lesson today and I will not make that same mistake again. And that is pretty much how I've learned a lot of lessons in this Q business. Trial and error.

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