Thursday, July 9, 2009

coupon printing problems

I wanted to let you all know that if you have problems with installing/using the online coupon printing programs (especially the bricks one for and virtually every other IP out there), you are not alone! These progs give people problems constantly. For the longest time I could not get anything to print from my laptop. After a lot of screwing around and googling trouble shooting help I finally came across my answer. I had to clear my cookies. And then I had to use Internet Explorer to print from, for some reason. BTW, I did email the Bricks Help link and they NEVER got back to me, so don't bother. Or maybe you will have better luck than I did, who knows.
However, for your trouble-shooting pleasure, I found a wonderful post over on heyitsfree that has tons of great tips, especially in the comments section. Here's is a particularly good one:

"When you download the software, did you actually install it? If you’re on a Windows computer, I think the software downloads and then you have to double-click the file on your computer and run through the installation wizard."

SOOO if you have problems, head on over here!

Hope that helps! And trust me, it is worth it to get the Bricks coupon printer to work b/c you will save TONS w/coupons printed from it.

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