Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Frugal Partner

Jon (my DH) actually scored a fantastic deal today and I would like to brag on his behalf.
He just got a promotion and he now needs to start dressing nicer for work. He needed some new clothes in order to do this, so we went to Express, where the dress clothes fit him best. He managed to get 4 dress shirts and 2 pairs of dress pants for about $85. The pants and one shirt were on clearance, which had an additional 30% off red-line prices. The other 3 shirts were on a deal where if you buy 3, you get $20 off each. He had a $30 off a $90+ purchase coupon and he opened up an Express card in order to save 15% more.
That's like $320 worth of clothes for $85!! Nice.


  1. Sheesh, nice. I love Express but it just costs too damn much.

  2. I know! Unfortch Jon doesn't have a lot of options on where to get nice clothes b/c barely anywhere has a size that fits him right. Express is like the only place we have found so far that does.

  3. 1. Congrats on the promotion! He should be more braggy about that--I had no idea!

    2. Awesome deal. Way to beat Express at it's own game!