Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kroger Trip 7/21

Yes, I have spent way too much time in Kroger this week, but that's what the mega-sale will do to a QQ like moi!

Once, again, no picture, sorry.

I bought:
24 Yoplait yogurt cups @ .44 ea. - used three .40/6 MFQs (dbls to .80) and one .50/6 IP (dbls to $1) = .30 ea.
10 Kraft dressings @ 1.69 ea. - used ten $1/1 MFQs (bought on ebay) = .69 ea.
1 Mott's apple sauce 6 pk. @ 1.85
2 Mentos gum @ $1 ea. - used two .55/1 MFQs = FREE
3 Bananas @ .48/lb. = .66

-$5 mega sale promo (for Kraft)

Total before Qs = $33.22
Total saved w/Qs = $21.90
Total saved w/plus card = $1.18 (for some reason they file the $5 promo under MFQ savings on their receipts)

Total OOP = $10.14
aka 69% savings!
AND I got a $2 off my next order catalina for buying 20 Yoplaits, so my net total was actually $8.14!

And I think I am done w/Kroger for the week. It's a shame because I have 10 $1/1Playtex glove coupons which would be a moneymaker if I could use them, but I have checked 2 stores already and they are cleaned out. I did get a rain-check, so I will still get them for free after Qs once they are re-stocked, but if this happens after the mega-sale is over, there will be no overage on them. Oh well...

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  1. That is a pretty great deal, still! I bought some Kashi for $1.19 @ Kroger and thought I was totally beating the system, but now I feel lame. :) J/k.

    PS: I went to Cincinnati Cents and took advantage of their $2 for $25 gift certificate deal. Thankfully, the place I picked for my Bday is on there! Yay!