Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wags prescription check adventure

Have you ever got one of those checks in the mail from a pharmacy that claims they will validate the check for you to use in their establishment if you transfer a prescription to them?
Maybe like me, you previously just threw those away thinking they were probably full of catches or it was a scam of some kind.
Well I am here today to tell you to no longer pitch these valuable pieces of mail. They really are what they say they are. And as I have learned recently, you can transfer your prescriptions all over the damn place at your pleasing in order to take advantage of these offers.
A few weeks ago I transferred my birth control script to CVS in order to take advantage of the extra Extra Care Bucks offer. Last week in the mail I received a $25 check from Wags to use if I transferred my script back to them. Today I did just that (after reading up on the possible catches in these pharmacy check situations).
I needed to get drinks for Penny and Naomi's Bday party this weekend, and I have next to no money in the bank right now, so I needed to find the cheapest way possible to acquire such beverages.
I remembered that I had this Wags check, and figured I need to refill my BC soon anways, so I might as well give this a try.
Well friends, this was a brilliant idea on my part and it worked out splendidly:

^This is still in my trunk for now^

Here we have 3 12 packs of Pepsi products - on sale for 3 for $12 +got $3 RR
1 24 pack of bottled water - used Wags in-ad Q making it $3.99
2 boxes of Kleenex - used Wags in-ad Q making it B1G1, so $2.19 for 2.
1 Aveeno shampoo - on sale for $6.49, used $1/1 MFQ +got $1.50 RR
1 "supersized" beach towel - 50% off, making it $4
1 bag of Happy Birthday balloons - $2.19
1 Elmo board book - $2.99 (Penny's prize for going to the store w/me when she didn't want to)

Total before Qs (but after sales) = $39.83
Total after Qs and old RRs = $27.64
Total after pharmacy check = $2.64 out of pocket (oop)!!!!
+got $4.50 RRs
Net total = $1.86 profit

So there we have it folks. Don't throw away those pharmacy checks. I just got all that stuff and was paid $1.86 to do something I would have already had to do anyways--fill a prescription.
And now P & N's party-goers will not go thirsty!


  1. holy crap! you are wonderful at this! how did you get so many followers already? your friends are nice. haha.

  2. I'll admit, I subscribed to this out of friend loyalty, but I gotta say I find every post pretty damn amusing.

  3. I do have some nice friends! Just a few. ;D

    Adam, I'm glad you are enjoying my dorky hobby.